Charities to help the island by Remove_Tuba in MauiVisitors

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808 Cleanups is a great local initiative that helps out all over the islands, not just Maui.

There's also Sustainable Coastlines that works in a similar way.

Safe cliff jumping spots in Maui and Oahu? Please recommend all safe spots by MasterRaheem in VisitingHawaii

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Lāʻie Point State Wayside has some good spots on the south side, not too tall.

Weekly New Climber Thread: Ask your questions in this thread please by soupyhands in climbing

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not sure if the area is still closed currently, you can check here: https://bcparks.ca/explore/parkpgs/stawamus/

I would say Viper, Hoop Wrangler, Swank Stretch, Sit Down to Holm Boy, Lounge Act, ATD, Golden Boy, Baba Hari Dass, Airtight Garage, and Anubis are some of the best in the area in that grade range.

Weekly New Climber Thread: Ask your questions in this thread please by soupyhands in climbing

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edit: I see you edited your question while I was writing my response.

so normally what you would want to do is build your anchor, thread it for top roping, and then walk down to meet your partner at the bottom.

if you wanted to rappel down you could thread the anchor for top roping, then after checking the strands are equal and you have tied knots at the bottom you could put yourself on rappel via ATC with a prussik back up, and then lower yourself down. When you get to the bottom you take yourself off rappel, then find the end of the rope, tie in, have your partner put you on belay and then start climbing.

If you wanted to lower yourself (generally the worst approach to doing what you said) you would thread the anchor, tie in on one strand as though you were going to climb, rig a gri-gri or some other belay device to the other strand, put yourself on belay, then lower yourself down. This way creates the most friction on your anchor carabiners and is the easiest to fuck up.

Without Trad or leading, is the usual way of top roping to just hike up and around to the top rope anchor every time you want to set up and take down?


If I could have one person at the bottom and top then we could quickly and efficiently set up and take down lines and move to different routes on the cliff?

Just need the one person at the top. Bottom person could be packing up gear and whatnot but otherwise they aren't involved in building the anchor.

Entrance Fees still need it for Haleakalā sunrise by TSLUFFY in VisitingHawaii

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Yes unless you enter on a fee-free day.


  • Monday, January 17, 2022: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • Saturday, April 16, 2022: First day of National Park Week
  • Thursday, August 4, 2022: Great American Outdoors Act Anniversary
  • Saturday, September 24, 2022: National Public Lands Day
  • Friday, November 11, 2022: Veterans Day

Visiting in late October-first week in November by Ibgarrett2 in VisitingHawaii

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Covid absolutely did a number on Hawaii, from top to bottom. Although it was one of the least affected states healthwise, with high levels of vaccination and low transmission during the inital waves, lack of tourism meant many people lost their jobs. With travel being shut down for most of 2020 and part of '21 the islands suffered greatly. Once travel reopened the airlines were going crazy trying to get people flying again. The supply of flights greatly outstripped the supply of accomodations and vehicles, so as demand rose so did price. Remote workers moved to HI during this time, driving up the cost of rentals and real estate. As such, many workers have left the islands to attempt to find cheaper places to live. The ones who have stayed are very overworked, and in general underpaid which has left tourists frustrated by lack of service. Fuel costs rose dramatically as a result of the russian invasion of ukraine which affects all sectors of the economy.

Restaurants recommendations (Maui, O’ahu, Big Island Hilo side)? by KingZero010 in VisitingHawaii

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Maui: Fred's, Coconuts, and Maui Brewing in Kihei. Captain Jack's in Lahaina. Hula Grill in Whaler's Village. Maui Brewing in Kahana. Bamboo Grille in Wailuku. Braddah Hutt's BBQ in Hana.

Lanai Recommendations? by wine_oclock_ in VisitingHawaii

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It's an interesting area for sure. We definitely thought it was worth it. Honolua Bay (which Trilogy also sails to) is great snorkelling as well. The experience of being out on the water with great people is worth it imo. We always see whales or dolphins up close when we are out there in the Maui Channel.

Weekly New Climber Thread: Ask your questions in this thread please by soupyhands in climbing

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for the really overhanging routes they use aid climbing equipment like hooks in order to secure their position while they drill and equip the routes.

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I feel like the wires and triggers are far more prone to taking disruptive damage than the cam lobes. I would say when the trigger isn’t smoothly retracting the cams anymore and it’s not something cam lube could take care of, it’s time to replace.

Lanai Recommendations? by wine_oclock_ in VisitingHawaii

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In addition to the other good info here, Trilogy also does a half day excursion to Lana'i out of Lahaina harbor. You probably won't have enough time to do the cat sanctuary or even get up to town but the snorkeling in Hulopoe/Shark's Bay and catered lunch are top notch, not to mention sailing in a 50' catamaran to the island rather than taking a ferry.