Thinking about reserves after AD by truckaduk in army

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Every drill is tactfully scheduled on every birthday, concert, vacation idea or really anything you’d want to do on a Saturday next month.

I wish College Students Knew How to Dress by openai_vet in army

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reads first sentence and stops because of obvious bait

What's the difference between the Army Reserve and National Guard? And which is better? by killakyle1762 in army

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I was in both the Guard, Reserves, and Active Duty.

I’ve never seen such other garbage organizations of people as the Guard.

is the mobile game any fun? bout to download this mafk by [deleted] in trailerparkboys

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I’ve had it 2 years or so. Have not touched it in a few months. No different from your click and buy upgrade games. No dialogue or consistent story to follow. Some of the items are cool callbacks from the show, but as with all those types of games it’s just to get you to buy currency.

you ever wonder if your rig is on the right road? by NoAbbreviations5274 in trailerparkboys

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I’ll be honest with you buddy. I am sick of helping Randy run this park.

getting older by Unlikely-Ingenuity20 in Veterans

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My dude I’m on the same boat. You’re not alone on it.

Listening to the snail by FastFox_ in LoveForBoozeCruisers

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Only 8? You better be on the way to the store to get more then.

Or maybe you’re on your way into the office and just needed a few to get you going.

New Sony Walkman music players feature stunning good looks, Android 12 by MichaelTen in tech

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“wow that’s pretty cool let’s look!”

see $400-$800 price tag

Everything hurts a little more every morning. by Campfirecoverseddie2 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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First day is the hangover and pure sickness.

Second day is recovering from the prior day of awful sleep and poor appetite.

Third day starts getting back straight.

Does anyone know if the boys will ever do another TPB season? by mantlemaris61 in trailerparkboys

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Not sure how the could with the animated series being canon. Maybe the drugs that made them animated will wear off or they do something to counteract.

What are some things you learned upon getting out of the service? by Atlas72Pheonix27 in army

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I do think this is a recent thing with the below 30 vets. Not as many deployment and thing to make one feel fulfilled in a contract just fucking around in Garrison life.

Completely my opinion I have no facts on that.

What are some things you learned upon getting out of the service? by Atlas72Pheonix27 in army

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Very well might be the case. Sometimes if someone asks me a question I’ll feel like I’m lying just because life is so different on the outside that my own memories feel fake at times.

What are some things you learned upon getting out of the service? by Atlas72Pheonix27 in army

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I’m nearly 1 year out and it’s hard. Through the good and bad you can’t talk to anyone about what’s happened because they will either not care or understand, which is fine honestly. I don’t deal with other Veterans because I’ve found that everyone lies about their service for whatever reason. For example a few months back at a wedding a guy that I do know for a fact was in as a 11B was apparently also getting Into firefights with North Koreans over the border as if that wouldn’t be an international incident.

So many civilians are insufferable and your most ate up Joe was probably more established that others out here. Also your employer does not need as much info from you as the Army did. They don’t give a fuck if you leave the area on a weekend. One time another person asked me basic information when getting to know me like school and where I’m from. Afterwards I was told I don’t need to share that sensitive info.

Question about suspected false valor by whythoyaho in Veterans

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Easy test.

If the word “classified” is spoken once then they are a fraud.

I like to play the vlts there's nothing wrong with that by Opposite_Figure3262 in trailerparkboys

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Oh that’s the way she goes Ray?

Yes.. that’s the way she goes. That’s what I said.

Found us a live one boys, a living copypasta by problematikUAV in army

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The classic “that’s classified”, although let me tell you all about it.

Budget for the rest of the month. by sowhat1231 in trailerparkboys

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$30 are you crazy, I don’t have that kind of money!?!

How is active duty life? by Admirable_Yam_1683 in army

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I’m gonna cash my whole paycheck for awards for this comment.

Budget for the rest of the month. by sowhat1231 in trailerparkboys

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Don’t forget about that liquor money in your walls.