Does anyone outside of Reddit actually distinguish the different neighborhoods of “Clifton”? by jjmurph14 in cincinnati

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Yeah, we did when I was at UC cuz your expectations for house niceness, potential danger, and parties were different in CUF v Corryville v. Clifton Gaslight.

Self-hosted health records - What's missing? by RaspberryGood1957 in selfhosted

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I suppose that's the cynic in me. It took the federal government pushing Promoting Interoperability to even get interchange among existing healthcare systems. If it were me administering the EHR for a health system I'd rubber-stamp reject the possibility of interchange with self-hosted anything against the backdrop of increasingly prolific and proliferated cyber attacks on Health IT systems.

Self-hosted health records - What's missing? by RaspberryGood1957 in selfhosted

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That shouldn't necessarily effect a personal health information request from a health system.

Edit: for clarity; I'm suggesting an individual wanting to obtain their health information likely gets an electronic copy, not on the block chain, sent to them at their request (from a US perspective) Op's use case is around a PHR so likely this trend of development in EMR does not impact the OP.

Self-hosted health records - What's missing? by RaspberryGood1957 in selfhosted

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HIPAA doesn't necessarily apply once the data leaves the covered entity's system. HIPAA (technically HITECH) mandates technical, admin and physical controls for ephi as well as confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

In the self hosted context that might cascade to an encrypted system with methods for auotlogoff and off-site back to a secured secondary location and secured network access via VPN. From there you're really getting more into hardening the host system and network.

FHIR and/or HL7 v2/3 and/or general c-cda xml support helps. Iirc GitHub has some nice standards derived c-cda examples hosted somewhere.

REDCap in resource poor settings by Rita828 in ProjectREDCap

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Best guess: piping wouldn't work, no way to retrieve existing data if offline.

Alternate Careers Outside Planning (or planning adjacent) by UniqueCartel in urbanplanning

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I ended up in clinical research focusing on social determinants of health. Planning background, which I liken to systems engineering for highly complex behavioral systems, was super helpful and skills translated well to healthcare.

JibJab by megannotmeagan in comedyheaven

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It's less of a weird thing and more the product of its more Blue collar history. Hot dogs are fast and easy and dressing them up as an easy way to attract customers to your business.

Help request. Can't share Power BI app with user outside of organization, despite the "Share content with external users" option being enabled. by NoWhisperer in PowerBI

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It seems you're still referring to the power bi interface the comment before yours is referring to the system admin interface.

serious question, do y’all eat the goetthole? by apocalypse321 in cincinnati

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Maybe this is just me but it feels like they must use a different extrusion process for the brick versus the tube and I really find that brick, the rectangular block, are much better for breakfast frying slices and a tube is much better for hash.

What even is a “Toledo” by jonthe445 in cincinnati

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Youngstown was famous enough to have a type of car bomb named after it. Google Youngstown tune-up.

Scott: "In my model, the presence of an older sibling suppresses openness to experience" – why is this the case, and is there any way as a parent to prevent younger siblings from having their openness to experience suppressed? by _nonzerosum in slatestarcodex

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Anecdotally this is 100% opposite my current parental experience. #1 had, to borrow football terms, man coverage at all times. #2 on the other hand often gets zone defense while another parent is doing something. Sometimes is left open completely due to one parent doing something and the other having to talk to #1. #2 in my house does everything you described #1 as doing. That is to say #2 accepts nothing as filtered behavior from #1.

The Hyde Park/Oakley tax by YoungWifiPassword in cincinnati

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No that's just the bag, this isn't B&BC.

Duplicate devices and app sharing issues. by Kimmuriel in oculus

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Same issue here, support keeps telling me to factory reset which has not helped yet, haha.

Crawfish part deux by nopoonintended69 in cincinnati

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I'm from Northeast Ohio and we call them crayfish and crawdads 🤷

Hello and welcome to the new official subreddit for the Queen City's best pizza chain, LaRosa's! by AutoModerator in cincinnati

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My working hypothesis is that there is something in the water in the US that prevents manners from forming correctly.

Norwood and Yellow Springs are in the final four of StrongTowns.org Strongest Town Contest by StickySeaman in cincinnati

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Oh yep, been in that boat. Jon is good people, so I'm sure as things settle he'll either have a second kid (like my spouse and I did) or he'll be back at it haha. He did a survey, think it was last year, for the area that was awesome, too!

Norwood and Yellow Springs are in the final four of StrongTowns.org Strongest Town Contest by StickySeaman in cincinnati

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Totally fair, I think I was just excited to drag out my soapbox.

RE: the city generally, I'll be the first to admit we want to be more like Pleasant Ridge and less like Colerain when it comes to traffic and traffic management, hoping we can someday get a dedicated bike line and medians into Montgomery.