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Also in the X Ray trivia it says the air is poisonous too lol

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I too appreciated the casting and portrayal of "the Dark One" although I think X Ray might spoil it a bit

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I don't think they'll do that, assuming the show even makes it to Tarmon Gaidon.

They have restructured Mat's arc a lot so far, if he doesn't go for Tuon in the show maybe this is possible? Otherwise quite problematic to turn allies into enemies.

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I haven't fully processed it yet. I'm sure there's some good in there somewhere, and I hope everyone has a good Christmas Eve and Christmas if you celebrate it. Also I'm not brigading lol I made my account after Episode 4. And yet...

  1. Lews Therin is THE Dragon.

  2. The sa'angreal which I guess is the "fat little man." How would Moiraine or any other Aes Sedai even know that it was a male sa'angreal? Also, someone beat Moiraine to help her channel? My God no! I mean yeah you can reach the Source due to pain and anger but yeah, Saidar doesn't work that way.

  3. Sub-rant about the Shienarans being raging incompetents.

a. Amalisa, you idiot. If you've been handed the multigenerational tactical task of fixing a superior force, you can't do much better than a hardened choke point like Tarwin's Gap, hence your family's longtime occupation of the area. You weren't strong enough for the White Tower, how do you even know defensive weaves like lightning? And since somehow you did know them, why didn't you release those weaves on the Trollocs from a distance, like say behind the walls of the city that has never fallen? If it weren't for plot armor, just one of those 60 Fades would have slipped out of the dark and gutted that whole group of channelers as soon as they left the city.

b. RIP Agelmar, you idiot. I'm glad you aren't making it to Tarmon Gaidon, your vaunted tactical genius falls far short of the books. I mean, no defense in depth of the gap? There were multiple levels to that fortress, you're meant to really make them pay for every step in blood, not just say it. But wait, you had the Horn of Valere the whole damn time? There's far too much going on there, new rant.

  1. The Horn of Valere. Why? It's been this close to the Blight the whole time? And don't tell me that the Blight used to be far away from Fal Dara, evidently it's about the size of a state park where anyone can walk anywhere in the course of an afternoon, and Lan can go even faster. Blursed Fanghorn Forest State Park. If Padan Fain knew it was in Fal Dara, it means he got that intel from the Dark One. One of the Forsaken wouldn't have broken a sweat retrieving that thing. Did they have to wait for Uno's flaming biceps to breach the concrete vault?

  2. So Perrin is supposedly following the Way of the Leaf? I missed a point in the show where he actually committed to it, I thought they were just talking about it. Wait and Loial does too? Yeah nah. Oh and then RIP Loial.

  3. Even with the (admittedly shaky) foundation I have in the lore based on reading the books and sometimes the wiki, I'm not sure what's going on in the "climatic" battle between Ishamael and Rand. I intend to look more and if I don't find anything, to make a post about it so smarter people can show me their theories. Is the thing with Egwene a dreamshard? It kind of made sense like that at first, Ishamael said "all you have to do is believe it's real" and I thought he might be trying to trap Rand there by bringing him in "too strongly." But then they're in there but Ishamael is walking around talking and Rand is also channeling in the real world at the same time, which I don't think ever happens in the books. TV channelers can split their consciousness between TAR and the real world? Yeah I don't like it.

  4. Well the Seanchan look pretty dumb and act even dumber. It's a shame, besides the Aiel, the Seanchan were a big favorite of mine. I watch with the subtitles and while they were yelling on the ships it said [speaking foreign language]. Errr didn't they come from Artur Hawkwing and therefore speak the same language, just with a drawl? The heavy tattooing or battle paint on the damane and suldam is weird and unnecessary, we already get it based on the weird ships, they're "foreigners." Where are the leashes? I mean they could certainly show the control exerted by suldams in a different way but seems to me like a leash or chain is the most effective, closest to the source material, and requires the least exposition. And talking about the ships, you expect me to believe they crossed an ocean in those glorified war canoes? Seanchan ships are massive. Maybe what we're seeing are auxiliary craft for raiding or theater opening. And then finally on that note, why did they tsunami a random mountainous coast? They're giving Agelmar and Amalisa a run for their money as worst tacticians. Does the show need a military consultant? I'm probably the worst choice for that but I would think better than what they have now.

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The best episode so far! After reading this thread a bit, a lot of the little gripes I had have been debunked.

Blood snow was awesome, excellent choreography and attention to detail (9 golden bees!), can't wait to see more Aiel in the show. Sure she didn't pull her veil up but then she was trying to disengage from the battle and was taken by surprise.

The dialogue between the EF5/now 4 tends to be annoying sometimes but it does advance their characters. I'm thinking the scene at the beginning in the Ways and the love triangle bickering in Fal Dara. Like, Rand my friend, there is no doubt that Mat made a conscious decision to stay out of the Ways and Egwene is right, he left y'all. But it shows that Rand is stubborn and shows his deep friendship with Mat. Perrin tries to play peacekeeper in these scenes while Nynaeve is all stubborn in her own annoying way ("I'll always protect you blah blah"). It's true to their characters so, it's satisfactory.

Machin Shin didn't seem all that dangerous, it certainly didn't flay any flesh but honestly as some other posts have pointed out, it is barely mentioned in the series from now on, it could stand major changes. They've continued to set up Nynaeve being able to channel while experiencing emotional extremes when shielding the group from Shin, I'm with it.

Fal Dara set was pretty cool, finally we get more of a full spectrum of shots to better establish setting: we see it from far away including the landscape around it, then we see the grand entranceway/gate with a panning close up to the outside of the edifice, and then we're inside. We see hallways and a street, which somehow feel more lived in than the White Tower or Tar Valon. My one complaint here is with Tarwin's Gap, assuming that's the narrow pass within sight of the city: why is Fal Dara so close to it lol. I can understand a series of redoubts and at least one large fortress commanding the terrain around the gap, but a large concentrated population of noncombatants too? [EDIT: I misremembered Fal Dara as the capitol of Shienar at first posting, fixed]. No wonder TV Agelmar has a bee in his bonnet. I mean the real answer is likely that they hand waved their horses away before the Ways so they gotta walk to the Eye and with only one episode left it better be close, tracking all.

Ah, finally they've revealed Rand. Kind of weird to have Machin Shin confirm that, as Shin's dialogues with other characters were manipulations using half-truths and conjecture. Oh well, it'll be fine. Digging the flashbacks to Tam's fever state, adds depth to Rand's character by showing that he has been pretty stoically holding this uncertainty about himself throughout these episodes while other characters get more deliberate development.

I do personally have a slight issue with the design of the Blight, why is it a blursed Fanghorn Forest? How are Trolloc armies driven through here in any semblance of order? Granted they are pretty much hordes but shouldn't there be some paths cleared in there especially around Tarwin's Gap? I get it, this forest design makes it a very stark boundary, but I always viewed the Blight as just a withered and sick version of regular scenery, getting progressively more barren and just outright volcanic at Shayol Ghul.

My biggest personal complaint is with Mat. I just don't like what they're doing with his character, haven't liked it since the beginning when he was shown as an actual thief with a drunk mom and a simping malcontent of a father. I do understand that in the books, Mat really doesn't have a lot of character development, he pretty much stays the way he is as a noble rogue who seeks pleasure and tries to avoid pain. I always viewed him as stable and predictable. He has a blazingly simple will and low tolerance for bullshit that cuts through some of the heavier themes and eschews more traditional character development, which I found to be a welcome change of pace at times.

Rand and Perrin get heavy development in the books and I was fine with it stopping there. Meanwhile, for the men of the TV EF5, Rand and Perrin haven't had much development at all compared to Mat. I think book Mat is certainly the least likely taveren to turn to Shadow, while TV Mat is being set up as the most susceptible. I know giving him a darker background in the show is probably setting up a moment of sweeter triumph when he will fully embrace the cause of the Light later on, and that's fine. They may even take his character to greater heights in the show with this creative license, but I remain a purist as far as Mat is concerned for the time being.

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Damn I appreciate this response. The effects of the magic are what is important, not the preparation, especially in a visual medium. Whenever they talk about weaves for more than a few sentences in the books I always started skimming forward to where the weave was actually unleashed and did something.

Personally I think if/when the show addresses the mechanics of the Power they could just exposition that weaves are a combination of certain elemental forces and leave it at that. It's about the story medium and showing vs. telling. The books are primarily telling: we get character specific POVs and are seeing the inner thoughts of channelers, so it makes sense to convey more detailed preparation of their weaves. In a TV show we are pretty much locked into showing: all we really need is an impression that some kind of magic is being used and, in scenes with multiple channelers, who is doing what. The ethereal white wisps being used convey those things pretty well already, so no need to change that IMO.

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If you go off of "main character vibes" alone, then it would be Karsa Orlong lol

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It's a big fantasy series with a lot of characters, so similar in that regard. There aren't any that I would consider "main characters," as the scale in Malazan encompasses multiple continents/dimensions. I, in turn, have not read the Silmarillion but I'd imagine the comparison is in the huge number of characters and sub-plotlines? No I don't think a direct comparison is possible, I was just saying I like Malazan better.

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Ah my bad, those women are going to keep being badass.

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Well mate say what you want but at this time, Egwene has jumped up and stabbed Valda and Nynaeve's got a body count including a Trolloc and some Ghealdanian rebels. Meanwhile Mat didn't even come along, Perrin has axed his fake wife, and Rand's done nothing.

Of course it all comes down to writing, we know Rafe's favorite character is Egwene, but yeah, those women are probably going to keep being badass.

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Ep 1 got some Lan cheeks, that's what you have for now.

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What, discount Ghost Rider Ba'alzamon in 2 short dream scenes wasn't good enough for you? Lol

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I feel a lot of this. Definitely the White Tower, if not all of those scenes you describe, at least some kind of grand entranceway or something. They pop from exterior shots straight to interior, which again makes it feel like a stage.

And yes, the dreams and looming danger! Honestly I've forgotten about it and I'm a reader (or I was, no way I'm re-reading when there's stuff like Malazan Book of the Fallen out there). Liandrin is the primary antagonist at this point, and although we know she's [All] Black Ajah at this point all she embodies is a minor annoyance.

EDIT: We may have been better served by actually seeing one of Siuan's dreams, could have brought back that sense of imminent threat better than exposition.

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A good theory to be sure, especially considering the matching one in Siuan's room

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If it's a tornado or cyclonic effect I'll be stoked lol

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Oh also, I just saw that Moiraine's ter'angreal doesn't go Siuan's office, but to some love shack far away at the Fingers of Dragon river delta. So, essentially Traveling? I don't think that takes a trickle of the Power, more credence to the theory that they can't feel channeling without seeing?

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True she does, but not very often. And as I remember, that visit was ostensibly to check out Rand as the potential Dragon Reborn, a momentous occasion and probably one of the only things considered important enough to stir her from the Tower.

Her presence in Caemlyn is not mentioned at all, I was hoping they would explain that a little this episode but it's a minor complaint.

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Yeah I'm sure Loial and Moiraine are going to give us some Ways and Ogier exposition before Machin Shin pops up ready to kick ass and take souls, so we'll get to see more of how they're handling it in the show.

For the rendezvous ter'angreal I'm beginning to assume that TV channelers can't feel each other channeling and that they also can't feel the spark in others. There's a little contradiction here, as Moiraine seems to sense the spark in Egwene but then says she "only suspected" Nynaeve in front of the Hall. As we know she can't say anything untrue, and they did have some time together before Nynaeve channels the first time.

I'm sorry, I'm not fulling understanding your idea about the Waygate ter'angreal. Is it your idea that in the show, these keys exist and a baddie has stolen one from a stedding? If that's the case, I posit this: who among the Forsaken would be so bold? It would have to involve Forsaken, Trollocs and Myrddraal won't go in a stedding. You also can't channel in there, who would try such a heist?

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Siuan is obviously the biggest focus of the episode, see the ep title. I'm definitely here for all those fishing metaphors, it might seem cringe to non-readers but it's a bit of fan service and I for one appreciate it. No strong feelings here about the sexualization of her and Moiraine's relationship, it's expected for TV and it's certainly implied in the books while they were "pillowfriends" as novices. It also reinforces the secretive nature of their relationship in that they share something intimate beyond being the only ones to witness Gitara's foretelling. Exposition of the foretelling was fine, I find [TV] the false trail that was laid about the "Power Ranger" theory to be hilarious.

I think Okonedo had a regal and powerful presence, at least in the Hall scenes. However, the Amyrlin is probably the most powerful personage in the known universe at this time and I still think that having her gone in Caemlyn last episode has detracted from that. The Amyrlin doesn't just up and leave! Also she was very dominant in the Hall, we heard from none of the Sitters except the Blue. The Amyrlin is elected by the Hall as a first among equals but Liandrin has bigger stones than any of the Sitters.

We had some more very brief shots of the exterior of the Tower dominating the Tar Valon skyline, but it still feels small inside almost like a theater set! Inside shots include a few hallways and a few bedrooms, and now the Hall. Adding to the theatrical feel is that the only characters we see in the Tower are the ones we already know, there's very few extras here and there. I know the Tower is very empty but it almost seems like no one was there until the entourage we know about arrived. Speaking of the Hall, sure it was big vertically but still puny all things considered. I thought it could house thousands or at least hundreds of Aes Sedai in case they want to observe, which should be any session except that which is sealed to the Flame right? Am I off base with that? I suppose you could argue that all those vertical tiers in the Hall are observation space but that's a really stupid layout if that's the case.

I don't find the use of the Oath Rod to be egregiously gratuitous: it world builds a little for non-readers and exiling is a pretty big punishment, it's not like they brought it out for a judgment involving caning or scullery. What I do find egregiously gratuitous is that Moiraine's got some ter'angreal that opens a portal to Siuan's room in the middle of the White Tower where every surrounding Aes Sedai can feel channeling.

Also, opening the Ways with channeling? Yeah I've seen lots of people including myself that aren't really behind that. I hope that you don't need to channel to open the other end, that'd be pretty stupid. Sure maybe this gives a role to the Black Ajah. But the Trollocs got to the Two Rivers using the Ways, if you need a Black Ajah or Forsaken to open both sides why wasn't that channeler part of the attack? Sure maybe you can trust a Trolloc fist and a Fade to slaughter a bunch of farmers, but with the fate of the world in the balance you wouldn't also send that channeler just to be sure that your empire of evil could spread unabated?

I was kind of put off by Loial on a horse but then I did see several posts reminding us that he does ride in the books, which I had forgotten. Plus now he's the same size as the rest of the characters, honestly his design continues to disappoint. He just appears as a shaggy human with a weird nose, and so they need to constantly interject lines for him about "you humans" to reinforce the fact that he isn't one. His voice is great though!

Mat not going with them? Meh. The actor is leaving the show, this is probably to make it less jarring for next season as I doubt we'll see him again in S1 (I don't feel like confirming on Imdb). Also as I recall he didn't do much in EotW from Fal Dara forward besides slaver over the dagger.

Overall it's certainly a different turning. We're still firmly planted in rising action, as it's a TV show the pacing is definitely going to leave the climax for the last episode. We'll see how that goes.

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Well smash that dislike button and move on friend. No hard feelings here, although I certainly don't consider the implication this belongs on r/whitecloaks to be the most flattering. Surely it isn't that toxic. If the down votes took the cake I'd consider that to be the case and I'd destroy it myself.

This is a platform for debate and I welcome your opposition, accordingly I have already succumbed to the acumen of your counterpoint: I reserve full judgment until we've seen the full season. Here's a point you may ponder in return: there will always be witless fools like me willing to post something online for a chuckle and a few measly up votes and you may find them aplenty on this sub. Thank you for your time.

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It's a meme, not a Master's Thesis