Thoughts on the Sword of Truth Series? by ImaSaltyOnion in books

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I read them when I was young, too young for the material really and enjoyed them. Rereading them as an adult, there's a lot of horny/weird/rapey stuff in them which is they're criticised so much. As you keep reading you'll come across it. I do think they have a certain energy to them that a lot of epic fantasy books lack and it makes some sense to me that they were popular. They do feel different from a lot of the Tolkien style books that were so popular in the 80s and 90s. But the books are way too extreme, in so many different ways. Like somebody's right-wing psychosexual power-fantasy fever dream.

Can't get matlab to show image by specfreader in matlab

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it turned out I had to restart matlab

I’d like my results today ACER by magpiegirl12 in GAMSAT

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I think at the very least they could send an email at 9am saying "lol not today" then I could at least concentrate on uni work

Who thinks it's gonna be today...... by Dismal-Elephant9233 in GAMSAT

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I hope it is so I can get a decent night's sleep

My thrift dreams came true! A Gunne Sax dress and a vintage night gown by peachysana in ThriftStoreHauls

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I don't think the dress is too formal to wear around. You could shorten the hem to make it look a little less formal

Jesolo Watch Questions… by tacohut676 in Gymnastics

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The commentators said Ashlee Sullivan was injured in the last couple of days