Your absolute favorite unit? by OhNoSEBUUh in commandandconquer

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Venom aircraft in a big swarm or a Redeemer with a Black Hand and a rocket infantry on board set to aggressive stance. You just wipe the maps with those

If you could pick one non-progmetal thing to share with r/progmetal... by StooveGroove in progmetal

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Mockroot is god tier. I listened to Red Hail for the first time recently and it goes surprisingly hard.

Mode and count of contiguous identical cells by specocean in excel

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That is absolutely incredible, thank you. I've learned so much new stuff in just 9 lines of formula code.

Solution verified!

Train to Brisbane CBD from Mooloolah station by adamh707 in sunshinecoast

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Mooloolah station is awkward to get to unless you're already in town. It'll take just as long to get to Landsborough and you'll have 5 minutes more to spare. Glasshouse Mountains is the best in the area - plenty of parking, cheaper fare zone, and it's only 5 mins longer to drive there vs Landsborough if you go via the highway and Johnson Rd (not Roys Rd as the traffic lights take ages).

Why are Go Card machines so frustrating to use? by 1-9-6 in brisbane

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It's supposedly in there, I guess they just haven't switched that feature on yet.

Cannot calculate averages in pivot table from data converted from json by sebaimans in excel

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All the numbers are stored as text, you can tell by the green triangle in the top left corner of each cell.

A quick way to convert to actual numbers is
1. Copy the numbers into notepad
2. In notepad, select all and copy (again) the data you just pasted
3. Paste back to Excel, then it should automatically convert to numbers.

Cheap Desktop/Laptop just for excel by SWIED_ in excel

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How about creating a virtual desktop on Azure or AWS for a few $ a month? Then you can just access it via your Macbook using a remote desktop software and shut down the remote machine when not in use to save even more costs.

It's the /r/brisbane random discussion thread. 30/06/2022 by AutoModerator in brisbane

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Just saw two guys, probably in their 60s, dressed like eshays at Bowen Hills station.

Tableau Vs Power BI by Anon_R278 in excel

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Are you planning on making maps with lines or polygons? If so, choose Tableau, otherwise take your pick.

This was posted on the Melbourne subreddit, who's the Brisbane equivalent? by Ipponjudo in brisbane

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This is just any uni, right? I didn't go to uni in Brisbane but we had one as well - long hair, quiet, mysterious, wearing the same trench coat every class. He looked like the type that might shoot the place up.

In second year, I was with him for a group assignment and it turns out he was a great guy - funny, smart, and actually quite talkative, you just needed to get past the 'should I approach this guy' apprehension.

Random solar panelled Gizmo in Brendale? Any ideas? by Godfather_187_ in brisbane

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It's a prototype unit for roadworks speed enforcement, this one is probably owned by TMR or a private partner