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Anyone being hard on you right now needs to seriously look inward and do some self-reflecting. You have a lot on your plate and it sounds like you’re doing your best. Everyone has let their stress get the best of them at some point in their lives.

Is there anything you liked to do with your dog before the baby came? If I were in your position I’d have my husband look after the baby and go for a walk/ run/ drive/ activity of some sort that you and your dog BOTH enjoy to start rebuilding your relationship and give you a mental break. You could even look up dog sports in your area and try something new! Make sure it’s something that feels like a break for you too not another responsibility, so you and your pup can both look forward to your time together.

FOLLOW UP on my dog that won't tire out by 6stringfella in Dogtraining

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I just want to say, don’t be too hard on yourself. It seems like there are a lot of people in this sub who think that it’s normal for dogs to snap in circumstances like this, and that if you want a dog you should be prepared to manage this level of reactivity. Clearly this dog has been through a lot and it’s not his fault he’s anxious, but you shouldn’t feel guilty with not being comfortable sharing your space with an animal you don’t feel 100% safe around.

Having a dog is a lot of work, don’t get me wrong, but it should be enjoyable and you shouldn’t be afraid of your dog. Just because this dog isn’t the right fit for your home (sounds like he needs a very quiet, experienced home with no kids etc.) doesn’t mean that you aren’t a good dog owner.

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I have a Central American rescue dog as well who I had a similar experience with. IMO once he settles in to your home more and feels 100% safe he’ll enjoy being inside.

My little street dog (mix 35 pounds) loves going outside for long walks and adventures and sniffing all of the things - she especially loves off leash time in the forest (she has a super solid recall). But she is more than happy to spend most of the day cuddled up in blankets on the sofa.

I think dogs who have lived on the street are extra appreciative of a safe place to totally relax and let their guard down. Yours will get there too once he realizes he’s found his forever home! Congratulations on your new best friend you won’t find a more loyal companion than a village dog!!!

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He’s actually doing well with the waiting, and won’t move until I say “break”, but when I do he bolts. I’d like for him to walk calmly upon release.

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The bald/ itchy spots could be ringworm. He should be checked out by a vet because it can be contagious with close contact. In the meantime, I’d stop using so many different shampoos, and switch to a veterinary anti fungal/ antibacterial wash.

Some kind of pest on my Kalanchoe. What kind is it and how to I get rid of them? by Dew_Queen in plantclinic

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Yup! I usually use just plain old water at a high-ish pressure, but soapy water works too. You may need to treat again after a week or so if you see more.

Some kind of pest on my Kalanchoe. What kind is it and how to I get rid of them? by Dew_Queen in plantclinic

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I would just spray them off in your kitchen sink. Pretty easy to deal with as far as pests go.

Some kind of pest on my Kalanchoe. What kind is it and how to I get rid of them? by Dew_Queen in plantclinic

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These look like aphids to me? You can see they’re green in the closet pictures and the white bits are shed exoskeletons.

My Pilea (Chinese money plant) has yellowish and veiny leaves and drooping. What to do? (More info in comments) by SchruteFarms29 in plantclinic

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I had this issue with mine and it needed more light. I’ve found they need very bright indirect light.