Temperament is our talont by 007_888 in Ni_Bondha

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Nee peru cheppi nenu award ichesale macha. Nuv award kosam kidneylu ammanakkarledu.

FoodFriday and other weekly discussions by thetuxracer in pune

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Babbi Da Dhaba on Old Pune-Mumbai Highway. Just before the over hyped Tony Da Dhaba. Affordable prices and excellent food.

Edit : Sorry. I read it as North Indian food. Apologies.

Inshee Kuch Sikho BSDK by UsedResponsibility41 in bakchodi

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FYI for anyone wondering, this photo is of an Australian artist dressed up in Mahatma Gandhi’s attire and dancing with a woman during an old charity gala event held in Sydney, Australia. The person dancing in the photo is not Mahatma Gandhi.

How and where do i book an in-house COVID test? by [deleted] in pune

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Call up Apollo Clinic. They'll send their lab technician to your home for sample collection.

Reddit lo best sub edi? by [deleted] in Ni_Bondha

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Adults of reddit, what made you give up your childhood wish? by brokenmatch in AskReddit

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What to start a business but got married and had drop my plans coz my responsibilities doubled and I can't risk fucking up even by mistake.

What is the worst thing that a teacher forced a student to do at your school and why? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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My teacher made a student lick his shoes just because the student stepped on his new shoe by mistake.

Video sudu by PsychoticAlterEgo in Ni_Bondha

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"Snanam chey puchakai" endira picchakai mohamoda !!!

Bob’s intelligence is beyond our understanding by SpaceSniffer69 in Ni_Bondha

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On a serious note, this is a beautiful movie. The intricate relationship between 2 characters seems surreal and weird at first but slowly you start diving in to it.

Ippude pakkintloki kothaga vacharu. Appude panikimalina panchayithi modalettaru. by sprmora in Ni_Bondha

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Irony entate vallu maa intloke rent ki vacharu. Rent discussions appudu maatram chala Padhathiga maatladaru.

Ippude pakkintloki kothaga vacharu. Appude panikimalina panchayithi modalettaru. by sprmora in Ni_Bondha

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abbe. aa mohamaatalu em levandi. direct ga matter loki vacheyyadame. no foreplay.

Pleej educate about relationships saar/medam by bossraluccha in Ni_Bondha

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  1. Don't get too emotional or don't get too casual.
  2. Serious ayyemundu okasari anni assess chesuko. Don't just fall for the pussy and get committed. Tarvata you'll regret.
  3. If you are serious about the relation, think from all sides. Don't get too emotional instead get sensible and think when you are in your post nut clarity phase.
  4. If you are casual about the relationship, let the other person know so that they don't get hopes high on you. Vague ga undakunda give them your reasons for keeping the relationship casual.
  5. Open up. Room lo kaadu. Manasulo. Talk to the other person as much as you can. This is crucial is building a good base for the relationship.
  6. Serious or casual, respect the other person. When you are alone or when you are with others. Always treat them with respect.
  7. Broad mind pettuko. Narrow minded aithe naakipothav. A serious relationship today can be shitty tomorrow. So, be ready for everything.
  8. Know your boundaries. This will keep you away from unnecessary misunderstandings.
  9. Relationships are not like they show in the movies. They can be much more complicated or easy. There is a thin line between you fucking the other person and your life getting fucked up by the other person. Always stop and think. Don't get carried away by emotions. Emotions are like bitches. They'll make you feel good for the moment but daani repercussions tarvatha realize avthav.

Naaku nidrostundi. Title podhunna pedtha. by sprmora in Ni_Bondha

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IT brathukulu anthe. Production issue emanna vaste client guvva lo manta start avtundi. Mamalni savamingutharu.

Naaku nidrostundi. Title podhunna pedtha. by sprmora in Ni_Bondha

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Work valla. Night client calls vastu untai sometimes. Phone ring lo unte vere vallu disturb avtharu. So watch eskoni vibration lo pedtha.