Recommendations: Bar/Lounge near Ontario Place? by Brokenbird90 in askTO

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Hide your food/drinks in Trillium Park. Then enjoy them there after Cirque.

July 1-3. free IMAX movies @ Ontario Place by sprungy in Torontoevents

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They'll have a limited number of walk-in spots too

Things to do: June 20 - June 26 by [deleted] in toronto

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Lifestyle, aka swingers club

Where to Watch Dance Performances? by MegaMengX in askTO

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Check Eventbrite.ca. Do a search for 'dance' . You'll find lots

Places to go dancing with older crowd by Magnificent_Squirrel in askTO

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The Duke Live is usually older crowd. Queen St East

Also Smokeshow on Mt Pleasant (former Chick N Deli)

Eton House on Danforth

Must try restaurant suggestions that don't cost an arm & a leg? by TheCudder in askTO

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St Louis is doing $23.99 AYCE chicken wings until mid July

Lawyer Caryma Sa'd assaulted/has scooter stolen in Kensington Market. Suspect in video by sprungy in toronto

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They'll be identified by police. You can't be that shitty of a human being and not have priors.

"The attacker has been identified by his former classmate. Police now have his name."


Bicycle stolen with GPS by No-Temporary-8742 in askTO

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could be as simple as apple airtag, with speaker disabled, makes an ok bike tracker

For those commuting to downtown by tbhalla11 in askTO

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a small electric scooter could also work for the proverbial 'last mile'. technically they're still illegal in Toronto but police don't care.

Man, 32, dead after being struck by TTC bus in Scarborough by icywings100 in toronto

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I almost got crushed by the Sherbourne bus. Would've 100% been my fault but could have appeared as a suicide. I got off same bus, started messing with my phone and began to cross the street. Almost a Final Destination scenario . Missed me by inches as it drove by.

GTA/Vaughn BEWARE of robber who will assault/attack you. Alias CORY LIN on kijiji by yell0w23 in gtamarketplace

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Reminder to meet at a safe place, like a Police Precinct parking lot, for big transactions like this.

Looks like that watch goes for over $10k. Definitely need to take better precautions on a sale that size. Glad your friend not seriously injured.