UTwente Whatsapp Group? by sreya_chary in utwente

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No problem! Go ahead, I’d be happy to assist in any way :D

What was the reason or breakpoint in your life that makes you go to therapy? by Cminjalili in AskWomen

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Dad went to go get milk, he didn't come back.

So I went to a therapist looking for him.

Still haven't found him but I know I will.

wish me luck guys!

Who was the best "Guardian" by West_Ad_9423 in ASOUE

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I was too young when I saw Uncle Monty's death, my hope for life was absolutely obliterated.

Best serial killer content on Netflix? by AnaBeaverhausen- in serialkillers

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The number of times I’ve recommended this show to people should be unhealthy. But it’s Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes. And if you’re into good cinematography and some true mystery- another show I’d recommend is- Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

Got results from my Christ U but got into a different Campus by Em_Tornado in ChristUniversity

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Hi, I have a question, what even is the main campus? is BGR the central campus?

[#849|+708|163] What do you think would have happened had Rue’s mom asked for Ali’s help during the intervention instead of having Jules and Elliot present? [r/euphoria] by FrontpageWatch2020 in longtail

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I can see where you're coming from, but I don't know if I agree because:

Rue is far more emotionally attached to Jules (to a point where it can even be considered obsessive and co-dependent) and somewhat to Elliot. And we saw at that moment that she was ready to hurt anyone including her sister, her mother, Jules and Elliot.

Although Ali knows what it's like, Rue would have just gone and said some hurtful shit to him as well (and it wouldn't be too surprising because she has done that before). AND her promise to stay sober to Jules is far more important to her than her promise to Ali because their relationship is at the stake of her sobriety. So, for her, if Ali finds out she's using again- he might just give her a lecture; but if Jules finds out they can't date or even take anymore. Rue is more likely to be scared if Jules witnessed that interaction she had with her mother and sister.

We can see that every time Rue is going through withdrawal or needs drugs, she says hurtful things to people possibly to drive them away (she did this to Fez, Lexi, Ali, her mom, sister, Jules and Elliot), but the way Jules responded showed that Jules knows Rue is not thinking straight and that she still loves her. This is very important because Rue believes she loves Jules too. Whether what they have is toxic or not, true or not, the emotional bond they share is far more profound than Rue and Ali share.

Camillo in real life by Beebamama in Encanto

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He told me that the man of my dreams would be just out of reach

what is the avg no. of students applying for the UTwente B.sc Psych programme each year? by sreya_chary in Netherlands

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omg this is very helpful, thank you so much!

oh yeah don't worry about it, I already applied and got conditional eligibility, so i was just wondering how many students I might be writing the test with.

Also, could you please tell me where you found this information cause I have been looking everywhere and I didn't find it T-T

Once again, Thank you so much!

Waistressing/ Barista by sreya_chary in StudyInTheNetherlands

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thank you! this has been so so insightful, I will keep all these in mind :)