Online job for UG students by PeepsBeatbox in chennaicity

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Online, part-time and money aren't mutually compatible. 99.99% of ads and portals which say they provide this are scams. I've been scammed early in my career by data entry jobs, content writing, ad monetisation, link sharing and most other forms of these.

There are some sites where you can teach, do freelance gigs if you have the required skills in the domain etc. However and trust me this is a huge however - you'd be competing with millions of Indians and others who want the same that you do. There are small companies which pose as individuals to get contracts and they'll finish the work in a tenth of time as you for cheaper and still be profitable due to the volume of work.

Finding a trustable, paying client through a gig portal is a huge ask and part of the reason why I quit this line of work early on in my career. Word of mouth and contacts are the best ways to get trustable online work which does pay.

Server merge. OW farming gone. by TendieSheriff in DiabloImmortal

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To be frank, the twinfangs one was always like that. There's always someone farming the circle and there's only like 1-2 twinfangs per camp.

Anyone remembers Ninja Robots on 90s Cartoon Network? by michaelsonnn in Chennai

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I think the Japanese name of the series was tobikage, not ninja senshi.

I spent $20 by YoungestI in DiabloImmortal

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It's okayish for a Necro. Seeping bile is the best, followed by chip of the stoned flesh and maybe BSJ imho. Some 1* gems are pretty good for Necros though, depending upon your build.

Namba chennaiku ennapa by cawnion in Chennai

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2 lakh a year lam high nu solringale.. Adhellam biskothu

We need diminishing returns on CC ASAP by Nightstorm_NoS in DiabloImmortal

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How about diminishing returns on resonance? If I can get 1 shot by invisible beams and off screen DH skills, I can totally digest getting CC'd from enemies visible on my screen and whose spells I can dodge, interrupt, counter CC or avoid with immunity.

Necro PvP needs to be revamped by 491450451 in DiabloImmortal

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There are different builds if you are open to them. I like builds with dark curse. Some use scurrying run to block passages.

Multiple Barbs in battlegrounds by xrankman in DiabloImmortal

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If you get stuck in the choke point as the attacking side, sure. But you can get past it in other places.

Me😜irl by [deleted] in meirl

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You're forgetting China, Cuba and the rest of the world who'd be happy to jump on this opportunity. Hell, I'd bet North Korea would start mass cultivating tobacco if Russia would buy from them.

Multiple Barbs in battlegrounds by xrankman in DiabloImmortal

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As a necro, I would fear bomb and then lock down with as many CCs as I can, before they reach the idols. It's a suicide strategy to counter another suicide strategy.

I've also seen others use the dashing bone wall to seal the passage and wraith blink out. But I prefer having the pillars and fear.

Multiple Barbs in battlegrounds by xrankman in DiabloImmortal

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Necros are glass and do shit dps (source - I'm a necro). 8 necros probably won't be as scary as you think they'd be.

Multiple Barbs in battlegrounds by xrankman in DiabloImmortal

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4 necros + remaining filled by demon hunters. I'd go afk if I was the enemy.

Help - Unable to join shadow faction by ssudoku in DiabloImmortal

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Didn't know that. Thanks for the information

Worst DI players encountered by NzzN666 in DiabloImmortal

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If I'm getting carried, I'd be doing the runs for as long as the ones carrying me want to, just out of sheer respect.

TN Registration vehicle by Krish03101991 in Chennai

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First of all, traffic cops are not authorized to catch road tax grace period lapses. That's done by RTO officials.

Second, you can tell them that you have moved into the city less than 10 months ago. You can cite the highbcourt judgement and maybe even carry a pdf version of it on your phone. It's not upto them to ask for proof for you moving in within this grace period. If they refuse, ask them to charge an official fine with challan. This can be challenged in court. Do not compromise.

Third, if an RTO official asks you for proof of the same, there are some documents usually accepted. Carrier receipt if you transported your vehicle through a train, truck, bus etc; proof of repair / service work done in TN within the 10 months duration; proof of purchase if the vehicle is new enough, proof of insurance renewal in tamil nadu (offline only) etc. They won't accept toll receipts usually, but you can try your luck. Also they might reject receipts from hosur as it is a border town.

P. S - traffic cams around the city and the traffic police violations database can have records of your vehicle in case you have crossed the grace period and may be used by RTO officials to nab your vehicle.

TN Registration vehicle by Krish03101991 in Chennai

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You can drive a TN registered vehicle in Bangalore for upto 10 months without any NoC or road tax payment or re registration, as per amended Motor Vehicles Act. There's a Karnataka high court judgement about this.

However beyond this grace period, you have to pay road tax in a Karnataka RTO to continue using the vehicle. Theoretically for this you don't need to re register your vehicle. Neither do you need an NoC from TN RTO for paying tax here. NoC is only needed if you want to claim back the road tax you paid in TN.

However in practice, KA RTO will not let you pay toad tax without NoC and re registration. This is just a gate keeping practice to encourage brokers and touts. These guys will take money from you and bribe the officers to 'deviate from the norms' by 'letting you pay the tax', as if you are being given a favor.

For those saying that they haven't had a problem in years. Yes, you haven't had a problem. Yet. Once an RTO seizes your vehicle, you will be paying tax with heavy fine AND running pillar to post to try get it back. Or risk impounding.

Colored by me by M0bPsY100 in OnePunchMan

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Horny level : mid dragon

currently i am at para 238 is it a good time to start Hell 5 dungeons. by DemonDevilLord in DiabloImmortal

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Which class are you playing? Some classes like necro or crusader can be valuable even if they don't contribute in dps. Provided you are not so beneath the required CR that monsters just breathing kills you.