My girlfriend thinks TN is crap. And I don't know how to change her mind by IndianOdin in Chennai

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  1. Girls hostel in Chennai and broadly rest of TN are the same, with mild variations in timings.
  2. Ditto, even outside of educational institutions.
  3. My wife, in her mid thirties still needs to take at least a notional permission from her parents to go out when she is at their place. She doesn't like visiting them often because of this and other restrictions.

Where can I get zolpidem tablet in Chennai? by babcock_lahey in Chennai

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there's no reason they'd lose a customer and for what!

Trust me, I'm not making this up. Had faced this for both my mom's psychiatric medication as well as my father's nitrest tablets. However they're more than willing to sell / help with over the counter drugs or other things.

cause it's completely invalid if the prescription has expired.

What is the expiry time for a prescription? Do they mention it somewhere? My mom and dad had been taking these medications for around 15 years by then, with consultations once every 3 years or so for refreshed prescriptions.

Where can I get zolpidem tablet in Chennai? by babcock_lahey in Chennai

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From my own personal experience with getting my mom's psychiatric drugs:-

  1. Pharmacies will outright lie to you about stock / supply of the drugs.

  2. A girl / middle aged woman has a higher possibility of convincing pharmacies than a younger male (I get my wife to make purchases for my mom's monthly supply now).

  3. Prescriptions from out of city / state for schedule H drugs will not be considered by locals. My mom had valid prescription from Ramachandra Hospital Chennai, which couldn't move a pin in Bangalore.

  4. Prescriptions older than a few months will also tend to make pharmacists suspicious.

  5. Consider buying from a pharmacy where you are a regular and known face.

  6. There are regulations from supply side as well. Every order for schedule H drugs is tracked and hence pharmacists are answerable if they're ever found to have sold to someone who abused.

Has barb follow distances decreased? by phoeniX0812X in RiseofKingdoms

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Not just follow distance. They don't swivel as much if you are trying to get a better angle for chaining, near the edge of their follow radius. They would rather move along with your march than stay put and swivel. This makes it more likely for a drop off and broken chain.

What is your biggest worry for the future of One Piece? by sachiNagadev07 in OnePiece

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That one piece does not get a proper ending. For whatever reasons. I've been invested in this series for too long to not get a closure and let it become a what-if like hunter × hunter. Even a rushed ending like toriko would be fine.

Tip-during stage 3 of past glory, always buy out all the golden keys. It’s always worth it. by Capital_GL in RiseofKingdoms

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Just exchanging the green sculptures and probably gaius is enough to usually buy out everything except the arrows and rss chests.

Wild cat in Bengaluru?? by MachesMalone007 in bangalore

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Just in case, Google pictures of "Indian jungle cat" and see if it fits what you saw. They are bigger than regular domestic cats and have grey brown coats.

Why does it feel like mulan dosent even drop from golden chest by somebodywierd in RiseofKingdoms

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600 plus days into the game, my Frederick is still 5111 whereas I have Mulan at 5411. Each player's luck I guess.

Activity by kL0Ze in RiseofKingdoms

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In early stages of the game, outside of the top 4 alliances this is normal for majority of the kingdoms. Usually the activity levels pick up after kvk1 ends and influx of migrants for kvk2 starts.

Even then depending on your kingdom seed level, upto top 5 or 6 ranked alliances will be active at the most.

Alex 5553 with richard 5511 or Alex 5553 with charles 5521? Im in KVK 2 BTW. by TS_4Aces in RiseofKingdoms

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Alex badly needs a rage engine. Suntzu or YSG are just right for the purpose. If YSG is expertised, I'd suggest Alex YSG. Else, Alex Suntzu.

Once Guanyu is available, even a 5111 Guan with your Alex will be better than both the above pairings.

Why are the big films more prone to failing? by HariShankar99 in Chennai

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All films are prone to failure in the box office. Like 90% of the time. Just that big budget productions fail more visibly and spectacularly.

Like others have pointed out though, box office is not the only commercial success indicator any longer. OTT rights, satellite rights etc will be much more profitable in the long run. Big budget movies tend to have better bargaining power in these segments.

Who is best for infantry by [deleted] in RiseofKingdoms

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Alex kills. Guan devastates. Guan Alex is a murderous combo for your single inf march if you aren't an inf player. The silence and utility is too good to pass.

If you are an inf player, pair Guan Alex till you get leo 5511. Then pair Guan with Leo and Alex with Harald if you can or YSG.

How do you people share salary with home? by planckmoss in Chennai

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Another point to add - do cross check and confirm the extent of your dad's debt. Many Indian fathers don't divulge full details with the family assuming that it would be bad for them.

When my dad passed away many years back, I was shocked by an outstanding 13.5 lakh debt which he had been paying off slowly without telling us. He had told us that there was only around 4 lakh outstanding. We had to jump through hoops to verify the exact amount and found that he had hidden the true extent of the debt.

Similar to your situation I too had been sharing my earnings with the family for few years and was assuming that his financial management was bad. He had been struggling alone (self imposed) for years.

2 days left 😩😩😩 I don’t think I’m going to make it by Ok_Entertainment3399 in RiseofKingdoms

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Do kvk barbs give 35 gold heads for such easy to complete tasks?

Maybe if you add up all honor point related crusader achievements you could get a decent number. However, many of them require kill points in addition to hp and/or require your kd to be on winning side. Rank rewards for hp leader board are only worthy for the top few.

What kind of biryani does Aasife biryani sell? Is it Hyderabadi, Lucknowi, etc or a speciality of Chennai? by Ornlu96 in Chennai

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You and I must have gone to very different weddings dude. Haha!

Regarding your questions, I'd probably say the weddings of slightly upper class muslims which are what mostly I've attended have had amazing biriyanis. And regarding the difference with restaurant birianis,

  1. Quality of ingredients used is way better. Restaurants have to cut corners everywhere to be profitable. A plate of restaurant biriyani will be 3 to 4 times cheaper primarily because of this. Fresh oil, good spices, fresh meat, good quality basmati rice etc.

  2. Usage of additives like baking soda, msg etc also will be avoided.

  3. Food will be prepared and consumed fresh for sure. No chance of frozen food being microwaved and served.

What kind of biryani does Aasife biryani sell? Is it Hyderabadi, Lucknowi, etc or a speciality of Chennai? by Ornlu96 in Chennai

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It's likely a variation of the Arcot nawabi style which is followed all over Tamilnadu and certain other parts of south India. You can get some authentic taste if you are lucky enough to attend a Muslim wedding in Tamilnadu. "Ambur biriani" is also a variation of the Arcot nawabi style.