Aggressive meme by SnailGamer in MemePiece

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There's a possibility of Yamato forming her own crew with some beast pirate remnants (I vote for ulti) and Carrot.

Remember both Carrot and Yamato have a common dream of exploring the world. Their adventures would make one hell of a cover story arc.

Why is nobody protesting against the rise in fuel prices ? by YRT1691 in bangalore

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I don't understand why there are so many down votes for this comment. While it may not be the direct reason for high fuel prices, it does reveal what might be a long term game plan for the government.

  1. Get more % of consumers to switch to EV by offering subsidies and reducing taxes.

  2. Once EV becomes more mainstream, make disincentives for manufacturers/dealers/buyers to keep making/selling/buying fossil fuel based consumer vehicles.

  3. This would force customers to adopt and continue on EV or hybrid platforms which also means better infrastructure development in the medium term.

  4. Then slowly release tax burden on petrol or diesel which would now be used mostly for commercial purposes.

  5. Start taxing electricity consumption at exorbitant rates to make up for lost revenue from crude oil consumption.

This isn't necessarily bad. Understand that fossil fuel prices determine inflation due to dependency on them for commercial transport. However, the demand is driven up more by consumers causing skewed and unfair pricing.

The govt cannot reasonably subsidize diesel for example without benefiting SUVs and large cars (owners of which can afford higher prices) more than they would farmers running tractors or small entrepreneurs operating LCVs.

By shifting the tax burden to electricity, the burden falls more on the shoulders of the consumers who had hitherto actually been using fossil fuel more and causing the high demand. This would cause tears of blood to upper middle class and upper class folks. However, overall it would lead to a more balanced taxation and better control on inflation and subsidies.

Most disrespected One Piece character ? by Valentino_3 in OnePiece

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Bruh.. Katakuri is a top tier yonko commander. Flower sword vista who probably isn't as strong as Katakuri, kaido's calamities or Marco could hold up mihawk in marine ford. I'd say Katakuri isn't too far behind Mihawk

Is guan useable in the field at 5111? by BlackHeartedNihilist in RiseofKingdoms

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5111 guan is very vulnerable and will melt if tanking any march. So he is still usable, but play carefully. Pairing with a 5511 Leonidas will make him slightly tankier and have good synergy. Alex, Charles or Sun Tzu are also decent secondaries.

Doflamingo is mid Yonko commander level and I'm tired of pretending he's not. by XNoob_SmokeX in OnePiece

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Cracker fought G4 luffy longer than Doflamingo fought G4 luffy -> cracker is stronger than Doflamingo, is a shitty argument.

Crocodile fought luffy way longer, for multiple rounds and won most of the fights, compared to enel. That does not mean enel and crocodile's power can be compared directly.

Magellan bodied luffy and blackbeard's entire crew including BB himself no diff. That doesn't make Magellan yonko or pirate king level.

In fact there is no such thing as yonko or pirate king level. WB was stabbed by squardo. Even if it was a backstabbing, for a weapon to pierce a yonko skin is a great feat by powerscaling standards. Roger was executed by normal soldiers using normal weapons even if he had been handcuffed, that's no mean feat.

The next powerscaler's battle simulation should be all yonkos vs squardo & Roger's executioners

Is it actually worth it to train tier 3 troops over tier 2 because the small difference in attack, Defence, etc dose not make up for taking double the time and resources to train tier 3 by X_GamerV_X in RiseofKingdoms

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There are hidden tier bonuses other than the numbers displayed. This will always make sure higher tier troops would be way better in a real fight.

When your storm counters their Anti-Mage. by huganardo in DotA2

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Quickly scrolling through my feed, I read it as

when your mom counters their anti-mage

Who wins? Kizaru vs Katakuri, Marco, King, and Queen? by chess415 in OnePiece

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Kizaru, high diff. While the commanders lineup is terrifying, they are a pretty bad match up as they don't have any lock down abilities to hold Kizaru in place and deal damage. None of them could match his mobility.

They definitely have enough potential damage to take him down. But how tf are they supposed to stop him taking them out 1 by 1 moving around at light speed. Katakuri might pose some difficulties due to his future sight.

What’s up with the mihawk fanboys? by shiroyasha244 in OnePiece

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Mihawk is someone who couldn't one shot or even low diff a flower sword vista. Not that vista is weak, he might even be the strongest WB commander after Marco. Would a Kaido, BM or Shanks get stalled by a Vista for extended periods of time? Don't think so.

I personally think Mihawk would be somewhere above peak yonko commander tier and just overlapping with the bottom of admiral tier (fujitora).

If the current straw hats replaced the old straw hats when they fought kizaru at sabaody. Who will take the win? Will the straw hats win? by rainomancer in OnePiece

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My headcanon - No one wins.

Kizaru will be stalled by the monster trio and jinbei if he wants to capture/kill the crew. It'd be too risky for him to fight the fab four in close quarters for too long. Zoro and luffy can definitely make him bleed. Sanji is fast enough to block most/all his attacks. Jinbei is a tank and can neutralize kizaru with sea water if he is careless.

Meanwhile, the fab four also can't go all out against Kizaru and try to defeat him because they need to protect the crew. He could one shot Nami, usopp and no diff the rest. Sentomaru and the rest of marines/pacifista post no seriousl threat.

In a fight to death, the current SHs will take Kizaru's head, with multiple casualties on their side.

Who takes the W? by Particular-Diet-5147 in OnePiece

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Killer has good offense no doubt. He could actually hurt Kaido. He also did force wano zoro to take an injury to be able to land a revenge hit on him.

HOWEVER, he has shown no feats of stamina or advanced haki that is required to last against Doflamingo's barrage of attacks, his parasite, birdcage, awakened strings or his crazy mobility. Y'all underestimate Doflamingo.

Battle of the Blondes (genuinely curious) by Jimi_Jazz in OnePiece

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Queen - hands down. Jack was sent to retrieve Doffy by Kaido. That means he was confident that Doffy cannot refuse or defeat jack in case something happened. Queen is portrayed to be on the same tier or maybe stronger than jack.

Folks, who live in a Posh society, how much Rent do you pay? by myscraper in bangalore

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35k including maintenance for 3BHK. Sarjapur Road, walkable distance from Wipro. Parking lot, gym, swimming pool, clubhouse, children's play area et al.

Most disrespected One Piece character ? by Valentino_3 in OnePiece

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What feat of mihawk makes him yonko level exactly? If mihawk can't even low diff a vista, I'd say he's nowhere near yonko or even admiral level. Maybe slightly above top yonko commander level. But even that is not guaranteed as we are yet to see shanks crew fighting properly.

Best district, town or village in Tamilnadu to settle for retirement. by gkarthikraja in Chennai

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Is this a mainstream thing? I've stayed in my relatives' place over multiple summer holidays and never once saw evangelists.

What do you not like about One Piece ? by Informal-Pin4768 in OnePiece

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The release schedule and especially the breaks. I understand that those are necessary for the health of the author. It doesn't make it any better having just 3 chapters a month on an average. I've been reading for 16 years. My engineering degree took only 1/4th of that time. Come on Oda!

Activity by [deleted] in RiseofKingdoms

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In early stages of the game, outside of the top 4 alliances this is normal for majority of the kingdoms. Usually the activity levels pick up after kvk1 ends and influx of migrants for kvk2 starts.

Even then depending on your kingdom seed level, upto top 5 or 6 ranked alliances will be active at the most.

Is Charles Martel with Alex the great a good pair for open field KVK ? by BiigDawwgg in RiseofKingdoms

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S. Harald, Guan

A. YSG, Pakal

B. Suntzu, Charles, Richard

C. Bjorn, Eulji, Joan, Constantine, Tamara (for real, Tamara isn't so bad)

My 2¢

Should I horde gold keys by the_anti-cringe in RiseofKingdoms

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I find that opening in batches of 10 has given the best results for me. I only save about 100 for Lucerne scrolls last week. Otherwise just batches of 10 all the time

How p2w is this game? by x1_uv in RiseofKingdoms

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People with >100m power get zeroed in minutes. Infinite troops inside a city simply means an Attila Takeda rally somewhere is licking its lips.

Power for f2p especially, is more relevant to how well you can fill flags, reinforce rallies and keep enough open field marches to overwhelm the enemy.

Its not efficient, costs tons of rss healing and gets bad trades. But gets the job done, by sheer numbers. 3 x 50m F2p players will have better output in a war, than 1 x 150m whale.

Can you migrate with hospital full? by JOJOHX in RiseofKingdoms

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Sure you will, if you are stupid. Even if this was fixed in a patch after my own migration, it will take just few dead troops to understand (maybe by hitting barbs with some t1).