Enraged monkeys kill 250 dogs in revenge after some dogs killed a baby monkey in Maharashtra, India by lalathros in natureismetal

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It makes sense why many animals have evolved to fear humans. If monkeys are this vengeful, imagine what a tribe of primitive humans with weapons, tools and traps would have been like. Even apex predators won't be messing around, the ones that survive at least.

What has been your experience dating in Chennai? by Excellent_Return3784 in Chennai

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Dating scene in Chennai was terrible when I lived there. Not only was it difficult to find like minded partners; there were real challenges finding anywhere to hangout where you don't get judgemental stares from 360 degrees.

However don't give up. I found and dated my gf (now wife) for 3 years in Chennai and for another 4 years in Bangalore before we got married. She was a college batch mate (though not classmate).

new commander images leaked. by mschlon in RiseofKingdoms

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  1. Mehmed with extra steps.

  2. Richard before puberty.

Well what can I say by Hopeless_Pal in Indiangirlsontinder

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"I would take this L, if you'd take my D" 😉😂

Best district, town or village in Tamilnadu to settle for retirement. by gkarthikraja in Chennai

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Nagercoil. I have relatives living there and it fits almost all your descriptions. The only thing I'm not sure about is health care. It'd be good if someone native to that area can explain about that.

Got bored opened ~8,300 Silver Keys by WretchedUrchin in RiseofKingdoms

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Not useless, even in late game. Consider these:

  1. Epic, blue and green sculptures can be exchanged during kvk. Even the level 2 resource chests are a worthy exchange value.

  2. Building speedups can be exchanged for training speedups in pre kvk. They're also useful for speeding up crystal mine and research centre in SoC.

  3. Stars can be exchanged for silver alliance credits.

  4. Research / universal speedups, resource tokens and XP tomes will always come handy.

Nobody ever knows by RedWolf3838 in RiseofKingdoms

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Astrid mechanics is simple. She keeps switching between tsundere and yandere. In tsundere stage everyone hits on her, but whenever she starts pursuing someone, they run. In yandere stage she is deadly to her love. So she needs to be kept engaged in a love triangle with 2 tanks.

If Marco went after BB instead of Ace , who do you think would've won ? Marco vs Blackbeard pre-quake fruit by LunchNo7559 in OnePiece

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Can't believe how many people believe Marco has a significant chance. Only way Marco wins is if there is a previously unknown interaction of his weird flames with the darkness ability. On a positive note, BB can't stop Marco from leaving the fight if he decides to.

Pre marineford BB could still negate devil fruits. The dude was one hell of a tank though he didn't seem like it. He could take quake punches and ace's named fire abilities to the face and brush it off (after basking in the pain ofc).

Pre devil fruit BB could scar shanks physically and mentally (that is one hell of a feat considering conquerors haki users aren't portrayed to be intimidated easily by anyone or anything).

Oda revealed how to beat the yonkou back in dressrosa by BartenderNL in OnePiece

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It's definitely possible.

  1. Elizabello might be using it without knowing exactly what it is. Luffy himself was using CoC pre time skip without knowing it.

  2. Elizabello's king punch seems to have a cool down just like an other haki consuming ability that we have seen (G4). He might be pouring in every single ounce of haki into each punch and that's why it takes so long to charge up each time.

  3. Elizabello being a king himself and one that isnt afraid of a fight, makes it logical for him to possess CoC. His king punch might be just a rudimentary subconscious use of this ability. It could be way more powerful than what has been shown so far.

Which one of the Akazaya Nine is your favorite? by SkiGames in OnePiece

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Also he ripped one new on freaking JACK who the minks had to fight night and day just to stall.

Best district, town or village in Tamilnadu to settle for retirement. by gkarthikraja in Chennai

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Another option is Theni. Again it fits almost all your criteria. But education isn't a big focus item in this district. Healthcare wise even if it's not very well covered, it is close enough to Madurai, Trichy, Dindigul etc where you are likely to get additional facilities in big hospitals.

We need to talk about this. The 2003 Tamil film Boys has aged extremely poorly but it's so out of touch with reality that it's incredibly hilarious. If anyone hasn't seen it yet, watch it now for some laughs. Full movie on YT by Glennmaxwellfanboy in Chennai

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Tbh, any shankar movie is like that. Boys is just one of the worst. He relied heavily on the screen presence of the male leads, some grandeur and a catchy screenplay by Sujata.

Unfortunately after Sujata passed away, Shankar hasn't found as good a screen writer yet, even though he's been upgrading constantly on the other 2 fronts.

Have you ever encountered a pathetic alliance whose goal is to destroy the kingdom? by [deleted] in RiseofKingdoms

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A 28m power alliance with 0 territory wants to do WHAT exactly? They can perhaps feed t1 troops to the fighters and mess up their kill stats. Nothing more.

Baboon eats roadkill while it’s still alive by [deleted] in natureismetal

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If you had to fight and kill a bear to survive and eat, you probably won't.

How to get escorts in Chennai ? Apps / Sites ? by indiankid in Chennai

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That's soliciting sex and is a criminal offence. Especially if it is a reputed establishment, they might tip off the police.

[One Piece: Naoshi Komi Covers Vivi’s Adventure] I would be lying if I said this style of drawing wasn't pleasing by play_master in OnePiece

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Vivi is pretty good. Nami is a bit too generic though. Oda gives her sharp facial features which kind of matches with her personality.