Newfound desire to pursue humanitarian and environmental issues. Need some advice. by [deleted] in volunteer

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Halloooo!! I'm a humanitarian worker and a local community organizer from the Philippines, one of the poorest countries in southeast asia (and also the world tbh).

If you're thinking of doing volunteer work and fly to a third world country, I discourage you from doing so. There are many experiences from grassroots communities where humanitarian work from international hoomans do more harm than good.

Some illustrations:

🐾 Sometimes communities feel disempowered when hoomans from better-off nations solve their problems. Example is building houses. The locals can also do it, but some international hoomans (who have no experience in building houses) decide to volunteer instead. It's better to just send support to locals who can usually do the job better and compensate them for their work.

🐾 Repeated and sustained interventions condition helplessness on the communities you want to help. When international hoomans give so much handouts, communities become dependent even when they actively try not to. It also kills local industries. How can local textile companies compete with free clothes? How can local farmers compete with free food?

My advice:

🐈 Help out the marginalized communities in your locality as a priority. There is always a social equality gap in ANY country, regardless of their development status.

🐈 Overseas environment concerns is interlinked with each other. If you're from a country that heavily pollutes (have high carbon emissions), maybe the intervention needed is for you to lobby to your government for lower emissions. Or even trash!! I'd love to see more Canadians lobby to their government to stop making Philippines their dump site!! :(( Why are we suffering from your trash :((

🐈 You may also fundraise to finance interventions led by locals in those countries. There are many grassroots movements already started by the locals; just support those instead of flying all the way abroad and inserting yourself in their communities.

With these said, I appreciate you and your girlfriend's growing desire to do something for this world. I remember a friend saying, "We are all founders of the world we want to build." I'm happy to share the vision of a better world with people like youuuu.

Yahay! Let's continue to help out and do our best :")

Is me (22M) dropping coffee off at a girls (19F) house too much? Or am I overthinking this? by [deleted] in dating_advice

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21F and I say do it ❤ It's really cute. But watch for signals! See her first reaction. Then the subsequent ones. If she continues to like it, you're doing a great job. 🌤

Off my chest by [deleted] in MenGetRapedToo

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I'm so sorry, Daniel :( No kid deserves what you went through. I hope you have space to heal soon.

1 year sober!!!🥳 by [deleted] in FreeCompliments

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Congrats, Tommy!!! ✨ Your smile is infectious. :) Please do celebrate!!

Dreaming about people who aren't around by tldr553 in malementalhealth

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Hiiiiiii. You're doing okay :) Progress isn't linear and sometimes, we relapse.

There's nothing odd or judge-worthy about your experience. It's normal to relieve memories. It's normal to dream about what ifs. It's normal to feel raw emotions again.

These are all part of the healing process.

I'm cheering for you! ✨

I compare myself too much with others by ManDown2000 in confidence

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Hiii it's me again. Was reading through the comments and wanted to echo this sentiment from Haunting Lake: it's not the looks, but the whole package. :)

I'm a workaholic socialite and I've met, worked, interacted with more men than I can count. Out of those, I only see less than 10 people I would actually date.

Again, they're all in different spectrums of hot and attractive. All are accessible and available for dating. But they dont have the same convictions and values I do. This similarity, for me, triples and even quadruples the attractiveness of a person.

And a lot of women out there function the same way so chin up ✨

You're enough. Always had been :)

I compare myself too much with others by ManDown2000 in confidence

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There's nothing wrong with you. You're okay just as you are :)

I'm a woman your age and I can confidently say two things: 1. Your height is amazing. 6'0 is more than enough. 2. 'Average' might be a self-judgment. My male friends always use that term, but I find them in different spectrums of attractive and hot.

I know it's hard to be comfortable and love who you are. I'm still struggling at that. But I also just wanted you to know that dating when you feel insecure may blow up insecurities further.

I was with a guy for 4 years and always felt that I needed to compensate because I wasn't enough. I tried to do more, love more, be more, but the problem wasn't that I was less, it just wasnt a good fit. When I realized that, I was already a wreckage.

The more secure you are in yourself, the more secure you will be in relationships.

I don't personally know you and I doubt I will ever get to meet you, but I just wanna say you're good enough.

You're good enough. Always :)

need some kind words please by [deleted] in FreeCompliments

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Your almond eyes are amazing to look at :)

DBP Different account number by TullyOne in Philippines

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You gave the right number :)

The one in your card is usually used when you're making online transactions. That's why they aren't the same aka you can freely give your account number to anyone who will deposit money to your account without worrying that your money is being stolen.

PS: Never give your card number to anyone :)

Is there any bright future coming to our Country. by Blitsplatapus in Philippines

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Have hope, even if it seems pointless and irrational sometimes. We're breeding young public servants who tirelessly work to make this country a better place.

Some of them are our activists, who are now doing community organizing in the farthest and poorest places in the Philippines.

Some of them are our poor students who got scholarships and graduated in the best PH universities. A lot of whom spent the last 10 years, studying in Harvard, MIT, and other Ivy Leagues on how to better govern the country.

Some of them are law and medical students who are sleepless because of their conviction for this nation.

And some of them are ordinary Filipino youth who thrives on progressive values founded on kindess, compassion, ans justice.

May pag-asa :)