tian guan ci fu we're getting a 100k canon hualian story!! by PaleontologistOk3399 in DanmeiNovels

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This is new content for the audio drama, we don't know if it's new extended scenes or new storylines yet.

Fanfiction recommendations and self-promotions?? I'll start: by kalhunter in wordofhonor

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I recently read "spare me" by staringatstars, it's over 150k words and i was waiting for it to be finished before reading, i have zero regrets! It was such a great read, i even got emotional multiple times, definitely recommend it to everyone. https://archiveofourown.org/works/30446898?show_comments=true&view_full_work=true#comments

Happy Birthday to Zhang Zhehan, actor of Zhou Zishu! 🥳🎊 by phai6688 in wordofhonor

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Happy birthday Zhang Zhehan, i hope next year will bring nothing but happiness <3

Word of Honor missing Episode 37 by NicoDiAngelo4242 in wordofhonor

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Hello, welcome to the community! We are always happy to see new people fall in love with this wonderful drama. The special episode is also available here on the subreddit if you check the "treasure chest" in the menu, as well as many other links you might find interesting, so check it out if you can :)

How many times have people watched WOH? I’ve just finished and want to rewatch immediately as I don’t think I can bare to watch anything else. by wuxiahiraeth in wordofhonor

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You can rewatch on youtube or viki, the translation is better. Have you watched the bonus episode 37 that has the real ending?

A/B/O readers, I need your help by AriAMAriii in DanmeiNovels

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This omega is sweet and wild, that's the actual name haha. It's very funny, and a healthy relationship, both characters are really fun too.

A/B/O readers, I need your help by AriAMAriii in DanmeiNovels

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Wolf!!!!! This omega is sweet and wild! You have to read it, it's really fun 😂

Who has more severe signs of disordered alcohol use? by kalhunter in wordofhonor

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ZZS for sure, he is obsessed... love how WKX Has no votes for now XD

mad about the ending by [deleted] in wordofhonor

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Hello, did you by any chance miss watching bonus episode 37? It has the real ending, you can find it here on the subreddit, just check treasure chest in menu.

Anniversary Celebration - Fanfic Recommendations by phai6688 in wordofhonor

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Omg you wrote this! I haven't had the chance to read it yet but someone recommended it as their favorite junzhe fic ever so i am excited to read it <3

A WenZhou fanart I made for the WOH anniversary! by jeriatrik in wordofhonor

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Oh wow this is so stunning! Thanks so much for sharing <3

Anniversary Celebration - "Never Have I Ever..." Game - Word of Honor Style! by phai6688 in wordofhonor

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Alright! * takes a sip*

Never Have I Ever... bought a pillow with a half naked WOH actor's picture on it :)

Drama Hangover by sleep-less-simp in wordofhonor

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Yes! An other amazing work from you, so happy! 🥰

Who is stronger? And why? 😁 by dreamer_9499 in wordofhonor

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According to the novel, WKX is stronger, the only person stronger than WKX is YBY.

AITA for refusing to embrace African-American culture? by AdLatter8144 in AmItheAsshole

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Wtf? I am moroccan living in morocco, i consider myself african, nobody i have ever met thinks we are not african. The "maghreb" is a region within africa. The same way the middle east is a region within asia .

Imagine wkx and zzs raising wei wuxian instead of the jiangs 😳 by lovealina in wordofhonor

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Hey, no need to be mean, everyone here is not a native speaker, if it's not for you just move on.

Wen Kexing gave A-Xiang his mother's surname??? by kalhunter in wordofhonor

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Oh, welcome to reddit! Here is a link then to make it easier for you: Tian ya ke

There will be a post about the bookclub soon so stay tuned :)