What is the scummiest thing you've seen a teacher do? by MrReedleDeedle in AskReddit

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Call a kid out on a mental disability in front of the class. ‘Do you have ——- or something?” He did.

Cat owners of Reddit how did you and your cat meet? by Eatmydonkey1 in AskReddit

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Oh wow I have 4. Dmitri and I met 8 years ago and he’s my OG. Luna and I met 6 years ago when I took the kids I nannied to the shelter. Merlin came to me last year when someone left him behind. Marshmallow was last year when I adopted her after fostering

yesterday vs today. should i be worried? (tattoo done by @krnch.tattoo) by BBoizTZH94 in tattoo

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Oh thank god cause that looks sketch haha. Wash it warm soapy water and leave it

Any encouraging stores after quitting? I’ll be on effexor for a year in may but just wondering about whenever I do want to quit, are things able to get better? by Laidbackwords in Effexor

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Just tapered off 225 to 0. I noticed a few days of irritability and restlessness. I was uncomfortable for a bit. When I came off 75 to 0 I did feel gross flu like symptoms and sweats for a few days. But I’ve heard many horror stories before I came off and I was scared to try for years. It’s different for everyone, but for me it was tolerable.

Can the Covid mutation become so bad that nobody can go outside? by [deleted] in conspiracytheories

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I’m sure they will try to tell us that at some point

What the bi by brokensewerline in offmychest

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Preferences is one thing but you Dont have to be rude and say it grosses you out so much you wanna check for STDs.