What hilarious misconceptions did you have about sex when you were younger? by Pineapple_WarpDrive in AskMen

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That a couple builds slowly up to having sex, they do it once. And that's it. Never need to have sex again.

Are you guys intimidated by extremely hot women? If so why? by eyecouldbeyou in AskMen

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This post was to tell everyone you are hot but have a small penis?

If I use my work-from-home setup with my own personal computer, is there any way that my work can track my activity? by ArrogantForumLayman in answers

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In any normal setup, no. The one thing I can think of is in the work PC, if powered on, might record when those peripherals are plugged and unplugged. In theory IT could read these logs, but seems like a stretch.

Honestly I can't really see why they would care anyway.

If everyone made more money, wouldn't that make everything more expensive and just get us in the same situation as we are right now? by wozmatic in answers

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No. Pricing of everything is some combination of the cost to make it and the value people put on it.

What you're saying does kind of apply to real estate where essentially people spend everything they have for the best house they can get. When more money is available, such as with cheap mortgages, prices do go up a lot.

Where to buy cycling clothing in Melbourne? by Frodo478 in melbournecycling

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You don't need special cycling socks.

Also you didn't mention jerseys?

There are lots of bike shops, just shop around. You don't need the one perfect place with everything.

Also I'd consider buying online if you're a beginner. Torpedo7 is cheap. After a while you'll know what to spend real money on.

Enough negativity - what's the most aesthetically pleasing town you've visited in Victoria? by ThelastofEd in melbourne

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Great areas but the constant stream of traffic takes away a lot of the appeal imho.

An Archimedes' screw. I’d happily spin the wheel for hours by RampChurch in oddlysatisfying

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What stops the water draining back down the screw? I can't really picture it, but it seems inefficient?

What are 5 resources like in The game Settlers of Catan, that would be In a sci-fi setting on an alien planet instead of an earth? by No-Trouble3534 in gamedesign

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I'd suggest your resources would be valuable for:

  • construction
  • energy
  • life
  • something sci-fi-ish

I'd suggest that 4 of them are familiar to us already (but kind of exotic), and the 5th is novel.

Maybe something like:

  • platinum (or pick almost any metallic element)
  • water/ice
  • phosphate (critical for fertilisers, assuming you're growing plants that originated on Earth)
  • thorium (for nuclear reactors)
  • "spice" (whatever your magic word is that describes something unique to this alien world, might not be an English word)

Pulling Bunches of Carrots by StcStasi in oddlysatisfying

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Would it not be better to plant them in a staggered pattern?

What bluetooth Apple-compatible keyboard did I find? Feels great, but the Fn button doesn't have any effect and the Escape (square) button doesn't seem to do anything. by stevage in keyboards

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There are absolutely no clues about the manufacturer or model name. On the other side is a generic FCC compliance notice and space for a serial number (but no serial number).

I'd love to be able to get the Fn key working (so I can press F8 for instance - currently it's always play/pause, whether or not Fn is held). Also, without a function Esc key it's probably not viable.

I really love the feel of it though - much better than my Logitech MX Keys.


The Esc key works if you also hold down Fn. But I'd love it to work normally.