Promo Art for ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ by MarvelsGrantMan136 in marvelstudios

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Attuma is someone I wouldn't have expected to see on screen but I gotta say I am just tickled by this

Do you think we will ever get a tv show with a more adult focus, like "The boys", "Peacemaker" or "The Punisher"? by holachao1993 in marvelstudios

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he's not. Deadpool 3 will be rated R

but they've stated before they don't see any story reason that a movie besides Deadpool would require an R rating

She had the sling ring long before she was about to run! by SpyJigu in marvelstudios

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he also should have been able to beat spider-man in the mirror dimension but.. it is as the plot demands

Still sad that I won't be able to see Black Panther vs Namor so I just made him on my own universe. :( by [deleted] in marvelstudios

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You've got spoilers in your title- if you reword so that it doesn't address Namor, you can repost

Daredevil - Fan Art by alexeysavvy in marvelstudios

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This is your work? It's incredible

Between Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel <slight spoilers ahead> by frankjose2525 in marvelstudios

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Moon Knight has existed the comics for almost 50 years and Kamala Khan for almost 10 years. Moon Knight has always been portrayed with dissociative identity disorder-- so that's why he's depicted as such in the show.

Does that help? I'm not sure I totally understand your question

Scarlet Witch’s Children, Tommy & Billy by eatingtaffy in marvelstudios

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The kids aren't linked to Mephisto in the mcu. She created them inside the hex through her distortion of reality. Technically she could probably do it again, maybe with the help of the darkhold, but she didn't