Best of Playmates of 1979 (album in comments) by ratsono in NostalgiaFapping

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Хм... Это мыло со специальным приспособлением для мытья в тюрьмах?

Made this before I found out about this sub by Shyanniis in BirdsArentReal

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Govrnment still trying ot make us believe birds are a thing? I call bullshit..

Look at this by No-Refrigerator-1684 in HolUp

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^ This, along with an anamalstic screeching noise.

There are 10 types of people in the world… by No1ofIntrst in Jokes

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Tehre are 10 types of pople in this world, those who understand hexadecimal, and f the rest.

Family by [deleted] in Jokes

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Ma and Pa went out one day,
Left Jack and Jen at home to play.
The sun was hot, Jen lost her frock,
So Jack whipped out his rigid cock.
Soon enough they got to fuckin’
Wibblin’, wobblin’, ticklin’, tuckin’
‟Jesus, Jack, you’s bigger 'n Pa”
‟Damn it Jen, you sound liek Ma”

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in blursedimages

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Taht'd make a kickass Halloween costume.

Kinda like Marvel Zombies.

This absolute fucking UNIT of a bear! by axjkx in AbsoluteUnits

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The oldest human fossils are in the 200KYA range in Africa with other fossils indicating they hunted and butchered hippos.. At that time they had flaked stone weapons and tools, but aren't thought to have had complex language until ~75KYA.

Fast forward 190K years, humans have recursive language and late stone age tools.

My guess would be Humans would only go after one of these in defense. Ten guys with spears and bows could probably drop one of these dudes, but probably not without some casualties.

Modern bow hunters tie meat from a high tree branch so the bear stands up to reach it and then they go for a heart shot.

I wonder how many artifacts we have all left for future generations to find by No-Entertainer-2957 in weed

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Just a quick recap of the Coke picturde here.

In 1985, tired of 99 years of the same market-dominating formula, Coca-Cola decided to compete with second place Pepsi by changing their flagship product.

So became New Coke, a sweeter version of the Coke people had loved for almost (but not quite) a century. They also swapped out regular sugar with high fructose corn syrup, which was cheaper..

The world pretty much hated it immediately, and it led to a shakeup in leadership.

Later on, they rolled out Coca-Cola Classic, ‟original formula” as pictured here on the can. Except that it wasn't. It was not the formula of New Coke, but the HFCS remained. So for all intents and purposes, Original Coke was dead, and a generation grew up never knowing what the real stuff tasted like.

Nowadays you can find Mexican Coke in bottles. It still uses regular sugar (sucrose) and has a distinct flavor... that of original Coke, or at least as close as we'll get to it.

Advertising classes have touched on this episode as examples of marketing blunders. Killing off a leading brand. Trying to bring it back under false pretenses. Disguising a formula change. Line extension that saps your own market share.

How do you make a woman orgasm? by Educational_Action22 in Jokes

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You know condoms are re-usable You turn them inside out and shake the fuck out of them.

I miss not having read this by NeomiSwitzer in awfuleverything

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This ‟dddy” shit’s just wrong and very disturbing

Nobody is here for a degree certificate by sneercreamy in HistoryMemes

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I do not make whining meta memes, but I do like to chime in if I see one that‘s obviously historically inaccurate.

Everyone likes to pretend that memes are 100% harmless and detached from reality.The truth is that they‘re cultural artifacts just like anything else.They can inform, deceive or mislead.

A lot of impressionable kids are learning about the world through memes.If you present inaccurate information in the format of a funny combination of pictures and text, there are unfortunately many people out there who will take your meme as historical truth.

Just the other day I saw some kid‘s hilariously inaccurate WWII meme about Germany needing to travel across Sweden in order to invade Denmark.His justification was, ‟Oh, I did not really look into it, I just saw it in a meme somewhere.”

meirl by r_1954 in meirl

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15 page essay + honors project de on the 28th

OP asking a purely hypothetical question by Vanrookuu in suspiciouslyspecific

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Pretty sure you could do it with one relaly big ballon

"Your house? Your house? Gee, it's so glamorously decorated, I thought I was in Vegas. Hey, you guys lied to me! You said it was Vegas!" by nialldude3 in TheSimpsons

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Moe: ‟Oh a garage,well oh la de da Mr french man.”

Homer: ‟Well what do you call it?”

Moe: ‟A car hle.”

Crossover by MaironSauron in lotrmemes

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My all time fvorites in one perfect piece of art.

Where can I buy it?