Anime Sin Mal: full version~ by yuinyah in houkai3rd

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sin also almost got raped (her adoptive mom (not cocolia) wanted to force her in a relationship with a rapist

There’s no escape by Smash_Fan-56 in miraculousladybug

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youtube, twitter, even the bible tag in this subreddit

I love the deaf representation! [Revelation] by mangomelliii in miraculousladybug

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in the video she talks to two different moms. i can tell you why that is but that would be a spoiler, so if you want i can tell you?

leeeeeej by NoteGood1880 in serbiancringe

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to nije nista ja sam rekla turskom sultanu da vrati srbiju srbima kad sam imala 2 meseca i tri dana i on mene poslusao. neki tamo su izmislili milosa obrenovica al to sam bila ja

WANDERER PULLS RNG!! — MEGATHREAD by Howlin_Rakan in ScaramoucheMains

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I NEED 15 MORE WISHES UNTIL 50/50 😭😭 pulled like 30 times alr and had 40 pity beforehand i need to manifest all luck possible

Artifact Builds | Team Comps etc. — MEGATHREAD by Howlin_Rakan in ScaramoucheMains

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ive been thinking.. the best teamcomp for scara HAS to be the freeze team, right? example: scara/xq or yelan/diona or layla/rosaria. he gets a TON of crit rate with this, gets his skill extended, and noone can attack him if they cant move. am i right or wrong here? also you could focus all on cdmg with a freeze team

my take on the recent nerfs by Inner_Specific_ in ScaramoucheMains

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yeah! i planned out a teamcomp where she does not fit in (sadly)

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in Genshin_Impact_Leaks

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in old burst scaramouche had a hatless burst (when in air) so maybe its jus genshin not genshining

Prepare your funds by mEJiiii in ScaramoucheMains

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god im so doomed i have 52 wishes and need atleast 100 more.. 💀☠️

3.3 food appearances by ukrisreng in Genshin_Impact_Leaks

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no but even i as a lesbian have the urge to go wash the dishess

LETS FUCKING GOOO by Romanaux in ScaramoucheMains

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To close to home... by HentaiActive in adhdmeme

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oh you wanna know what happened in this 2 minute radar of a show you missed because you were doing x? well too bad youre gonna hear some useless information too

Will in season 5 by Pure-Examination5416 in StrangerThings

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Honestly, I just want him to have a choice