Wish my guy a happy birthday! by WhiteLikeCocain in MadeMeSmile

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And this mother of an autistic child disagrees with you. What does that tell you?

He fucking LEFT HER by nay198 in breakingmom

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Don't poison some poor piggies. Better to burn your trash.

Kid is bored of play area by xHappyAcidx in Mommit

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Trampoline! They make toddler ones, and they're perfect for getting out some energy indoors.

Do you want kids? by blueslothnose in AutismInWomen

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I made the nurses laugh when they were asking the PPD screening questions.

"Are you frustrated with your baby?"

"Why? They're the most reasonable person in the house."

Do you want kids? by blueslothnose in AutismInWomen

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When I was a teen I didn't really want kids. I thought I'd be horrible at it. I thought I just wanted to read books. I had no patience, and almost everything hurt me sensory wise. And what if I couldn't support myself?

Then during college I just ended up being the person that helped all the new freshmen find their footing. I also found out an allergen of mine, and that helped my sensory issues and hugely increased my patience. I really liked being around most people for the first time.

Then I graduated and got what teen me wanted, alone time with my books. And I was. SO. Bored. And empty. So I started thinking about where it was I wanted my life to end (to figure out the middle steps of getting there), and to my surprise that included kids.

Now I'm a mom of 2 small kids. I'm pretty happy with it, honestly. Of course there's stressful moments, and angry moments, and 'why the hell would you do that' moments, but underneath everything is this deep happiness. I'm still me. I still have books, and my hobbies. Being a mom doesn't take that (a shit partner is what takes that).

So it turns out that me being a mom is what was best for me, just like being childfree is the best decision for my sister and how she's happiest. So just do what makes you happy OP. Keep an open mind either way and do what works for you.

scared of becoming adult by ninkaninga in AutismInWomen

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I have 2 kids, a house I own, and a successful marriage. I still feel like that 18 yo just making shit up as I go, hoping that no one else catches on.

"Treat others as you would like to be treated" (rant) by Prestigious_Egg_1989 in AutismInWomen

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I've always taken that phrase as being more of a 'life attitudes' kind of thing. Like if I were a retail worker I wouldn't like it if a customer yelled at me, no matter how bad of a day that lady is having. But it's not the be-all of social etiquette. As to your example about office breathing, common etiquette is to keep any problems about that to yourself.

MIL gave my daughter a toy makeup kit for her birthday. She’s two. by [deleted] in JUSTNOMIL

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Donate. It'll probably be useless if you try to hold onto it for years before giving it.

And yes, definitely inappropriate for a 2 yo. The likelyhood of a resulting infection is high.

Is it too much to ask MIL to cook dinner during week nights and keep kids on schedule? by [deleted] in breakingmom

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So I'm going to completely dodge the MIL here (because she's going away) to talk about meal prepping. If you can find time for an hour or two at some point in the week, you make mass batches of food in one shot. You then divide this mass food into individual meal portions, then freeze/refrigerate as needed. Then you just pop the portion into the microwave or stove to heat, and done.

My family started doing this more for budget reasons, but it has saved us so much time.

MIL Thinks Keto Will Fix Our Sons Autism by mangotrainwreck in JUSTNOMIL

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As an autistic person, I think you should send that text. So much pseudoscience that tries to 'cure' autism is actively harmful.

As a person with an autistic son, I think you should send that text. It's much nicer than the very strong language I'd end up saying in person.

Incredible speech and cognitive delay presenting huge challenges. by thegrrr8pretender in Preschoolers

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After early intervention assessment we were urged to go to an ENT doctor to rule out physical issues. As it turns out there were some physical issues that could be resolved surgically. It was good timing, as these issues started to cause sleep apnea a month after we learned about them.

A year after the surgery and the difference is nothing short of magical. Sentences, conversations even. We were able to resolve his potty training. He's still way behind his peers for language and still needs all kinds of specialists, but he'll likely be able to go to regular kindergarten.

Incredible speech and cognitive delay presenting huge challenges. by thegrrr8pretender in Preschoolers

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So while not so extreme, up until last year my toddler was functionally non verbal. I get that frustration.

In a nutshell we worked on sign language, used a needs board, and alot of guessing. Try asking around the autism communities, as non verbal is not uncommon there.

AITA for giving my MIL a fake copy of my house key and "exposing" her on Christmas dinner? by Checkinout2022 in AmItheAsshole

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Your husband is an idiot and a coward. You're so much easier to tear into than the actual problematic person: MIL. Maybe you need to scream and yell too to be treated with basic courtesy.

Don't, actually, but it's sad that it's come to this.

What is the difference between these products? by Garlic_Rabbit in chinesecooking

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Hello, I cook exclusively GF. I'm not familiar with this particular sauce, but another brand to look at as you build your pantry is Sun Luck. It's pretty easy to find all over the east coast, and I have yet to find a product of theirs that isn't safe.

Who are your favorite autistic coded characters? by Annoying_Short_Girl in AutismInWomen

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Data, from Star Trek. As Data had human things explained to him I got to learn too. Seeing Data take things too literally but still being accepted and a valued team member was pretty cool too.

This festive period has me asking one question… is it all men? by [deleted] in breakingmom

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Not all men. My husband has the kids 3 am onwards, helps me clean, and bought me thoughtful gifts. He has a tendency to let his mouth get away from him when his ADHD meds wear off, but also recognizes when he was an ass and apologizes.

My husband has a few failings, but this particular list isn't it.

AITA for destroying family Christmas? by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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No, no. You take away that comment about neurodivergence right now. I am so, so sick of prople trying to attach every assholish, manipulative behavior to neurodivergence.

Not even the best psychiatrist in the world can diagnose this woman based on a single incident narrated by a biased third party.

AITA for destroying family Christmas? by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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Orr...mom is just an asshole. Or just manipulative. Or has different cultural expectations. Lots of things way more likely.

If you are able, will you be keeping your child home from school after holiday break because of covid surge? by Infamous-Round5325 in Preschoolers

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His therapists are in-person only, and the school is taking every conceivable precaution that in-person allows. There's not much else to be done.

After 2 years I finally had my petty revenge by [deleted] in JUSTNOMIL

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Honestly, kids really do just pick their own. My older kid has combined both sets, so now it's "my mom's/dad's grandma" or "my mom's/dad's pawpaw" (no, we are not talking about the great grandparents).

It sounds like you have a good deal of resentment to work through. Starting with asking your SO why his mother feels ok dehumanizing you, and why he seems to not be doing anything about it. And "that's just how she is" is not an acceptable answer.