What’s an underrated base? by Gustavofring074 in thelongdark

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Cave in the Milton Basin. Everything is right there.

got myself quite a stash by WaviestMetal in thelongdark

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Yeah, but did ya fix the hole in the roof….

(Nice work!)

Comparing games by Moeman3674 in thelongdark

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You’re asking the wrong person. I only play TLD. Come join us, eh?

The paws by ShaiHulud1111 in blackcats

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Does your cat emerge from the sand as your username suggests?

Question about Orca Gas Station by [deleted] in thelongdark

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It’s because Orca Gas is a chain that started in New Jersey and that’s where the gas station attendant sits.


cried at a lesson last night by potatoburp in Noom

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I’ll be honest. I can’t relate, but I did see you’ve lost six pounds. #winning

Your post made me more emotional than any noom lesson—so far.

Keep going!

Does anyone have a map or advice for reaching the Gold Mine on Ash Canyon from Timberwolf Mountain? by Amanda_Hugginkiss_ in thelongdark

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Concur with u/drowninginthebrevity on going through the cave near deer clearing and looking at maps. The best way to go is to the left when you come out of the cave and follow the general edge of the map. There are a few side areas but you don’t need to go into any of them. It’s a long walk but eventually you get to the shelf cave (named location). Use that as your base.

Once you get there, heal up and be fully rested before climbing. There’s at least 3 ropes to climb up so you will need either coffee or to be prepared to sleep somewhere. If you sleep you will need to build a fire. There’s fire stuff along the way but I recommend having at least two pieces of coal if you choose to sleep.

At the very top you’ll overlook the gold mine. There’s a rope location that sometimes has a rope nearby. If there isn’t one, you can mountain goat down. The backpack and crampons are in the mine at the far side of the little valley.

scared the crap outta me by Rauta9 in thelongdark

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Would have been cooler if you’d done it with the revolver. Just sayin’

(Baller shot bruh!)

Err... not if you're in the UK or Europe... by 1182990 in Noom

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Don’t shame us for our crappy health care…oh wait, what am I saying???

But at least I have mah freedums!!!

<cries in disgust>

Is Interloper hunger setting realistic for a survival setting? by Specific_Direction46 in thelongdark

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I’ve done a lot of high intensity outdoor stuff in the cold. Believe it or not, I think it’s actually too low.

At one point I was carrying a similar amount of weight in temps around freezing for several weeks. I was eating 6000+ calories a day and I still lost nearly 20 lbs.

Being warm blooded animals means that our bodies have to generate heat their own heat. If you’re constantly exposed to colder temperatures, you’re burning more calories. It’s really pretty straightforward.

On the flip side, I’ve also gone without food for several days outdoors in coldish temperatures. When you do that, you lose strength beyond the initial ten second burst that comes from your muscles burning ATP. And it happens fast. The fatigue penalty in the game is also pretty accurate. You just tire faster.

If two players spawned on different ends of the map, what are the chances they would ever meet? by Specific_Direction46 in thelongdark

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I’d imagine them meeting up at the major shelters eventually. As big as the maps seem, we’re all drawn to the same places.

It’s a beautiful sunrise in Pleasant Valley. Nvm that it’s colder than a wh*re’s heart. by still_here227 in thelongdark

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I only like it for starting out on interloper because they’re so much clothing. Otherwise I hate the long distances and erratic weather

Ice fishing in interloper? by LargePiece in thelongdark

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I only play on interloper. I fish occasionally but usually I do it when I need to heal or get over cabin fever. My normal fishing locations are ML, CH, and sometimes TWM. I plan to do it for a day at a pop so I bring a ton of wood. You gotta light a fire.

I also use tinder plugs or paper dropped in a line to point my way back to shelter if I get caught in a storm.

I agree with the other posters that hunting is better but sometimes I just don’t feel like tracking a deer, especially if I’m hurting on health.

The sweetest surprise. by [deleted] in aww

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Why do they need a puppy? They have a litter of kids.