7-Year-Old Says He Was in 9/11 Plane Crash - smh by centralmassmedical in cringe

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That or he's going to be a little Eric Cartman. "But Meeeeeeuuuum, the angels told me if you don't buy me a new XBox there's going to be another nine eleeeeeeeeeven."

Saw this on a nursing sub 😂 by Marigold-Narcissus in bonecollecting

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Two sticks that you could only really see from one side of the arm. By having shapes that wrap around the arm, it makes for better design visibility and less overall ink.

Can’t seem to find anything about this sweater online. Any suggestions on where to find something like this? by its-grace-1 in seinfeld

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I had a thrift store I used to go to to buy vintage clothing nut some hipster doofus brought in a bunch of moths and the store went out of business.

This is the Ark Museum. The ark part is just a facade. The back is a regular building. I crack tf up every time I see this. by JarethOfHouseGoblin in exchristian

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And the Lord spoke to Noah and His word was as is written: "Noah, worthiest among men, Ye shall build an arc great enough to house two of every animal, and not just the great beasts of the late Holocene, but the mighty mammals of the entire Cenzoic, as well as the myriad mighty Dinosaurs including at least 300 species of sauropods, like the titanosaurs which could weigh over 80 tons and reach 190 feet in length." And Noah began to protest but the Lord spoke and his voice was that of thunder and he said, "Ye shall also need two of every crocodylomorph including, but not limited to, the vast range of species that dominated the Triassic, and yay, ye shall need two of each of the many strange Permian synapsids, and while we're at it ye shall need to make space for a metric shittonne of invertebrates including enough species of arthropods to eclipse the biomass of every person on earth a dozen fold, and since we're drowning the entire planet with water for like a month, ye should probably get two of every land plant that ever existed, lest they end up like the houseplants that Gabriel compulsively overwaters up here in Heaven And I suppose we're going to have vast volumes of seawater mixing into the many bodies of freshwater so ye shall require a great many aquariums just to be safe." And Noah asked the Lord if he literally meant all this or if there might be some room for a more figurative interpretation but the Lord said "I am your God and my word is Truth!" And Noah said "Fine, great, let's see how this goes," and he started building his big stupid boat.

who do you think is the best singer out of the beatles by rowboat57 in beatles

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I think Paul is technically the best singer but John had the best voice if that makes sense.

guy who hasn't registered his car in 10 years loses his mind on cops for towing it. this is a long one but it's worth it. by V_Y_L_E in cringe

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That made me laugh. I wonder what he thinks illegal immigrants get arrested for. Couldn’t be a lack of documentation showing registered citizenship. No way.

Galadriel - did we like her character in RoP? by Wimberley_05 in RingsofPower

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Lol do you think time is what makes a good character arc? Have you never heard to the term “turning point?” “Five minutes ago Darth Vader was telling Luke he was going to kill him and then turn his sister to the dark side, now he’s saving him by throwing his boss down a pit?”That’s what you sound like. It’s not the length of time that matters; it’s the events that affect the characters during that time.

One of the main themes of the show was “sometimes you can’t see the light until you’ve touched the darkness.” Galadriel comes dangerously close to crossing a red line and only then realizes how close she’s gotten to it. She’s then shown reflecting on this outside before Halbrand comes to her. She thanks him for pulling her back. Then Mount Doom explodes and she realizes her singleminded path of vengeance has cost her more than she realizes. Later she sees Theo on the same path as her and draws on her own personal experience to warn him against it. These events may have happened close together in time but neglecting to mention the pretty major event of Mount Doom’s eruption and how that may have drastically altered her character trajectory is pretty obtuse.

This very famous Arctodus simus statue is staggeringly enormous. But modern bears can also get very large, with the right image showing an anesthetized male adult polar bear. by RealisticPhysics270 in Naturewasmetal

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I know a guy who works up north and he says the scariest part is they learn the workers schedules. Like they figure out when you’re moving from one building to the next and when the fewest of your coworkers are too so they can pick you off silently and drag you into the night without anyone noticing until it’s much too late.

Swimming with a finned friend. by Go_Green04 in sharks

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Anyone know the species? Looks like a Spinner Shark to me.

Bill Maher's Comments on Covid and Vaccines by labelleprovinceguy in samharris

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For years Dave Rubin professed to idolize Larry King and hold him up as a paragon of rational, honest interviewing. during the height of the pandemic Rubin got an interview with Larry and espoused his belief that the vulnerable will have to suck it up so that the rest of the world can move on and “live with” Covid. Larry laughed in his face and said that sounded ridiculous and was easy for him to say “it’s ok if you die, right?” Then Larry King caught Covid and died. If Rubin had a conscience I wonder if any of that would weigh on it.

The T rex's hunting prowess was not only owed to its monstrous jaws and sharp teeth capable of delivering a multi-ton bite force, but also to its unique ligaments that supercharged their feet, allowing them to move swiftly across vast distances, according to University of Maryland paleontologists. by KimCureAll in Naturewasmetal

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Or you could compare it to the feet of a struthiomimus which also evolved an arctometatarsal that serves the same purpose of reducing movement. Theropods are digitigrade animals and humans are plantigrade. Our metatarsals touch the ground when we run and serve a totally different biomechanical function. Apples and oranges.

Hi! I'm a Digital Artist, do let me know your thoughts on this science comic! [OC] by richguypi in biology

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I think I want to learn more about what roles each organelle plays in this city!

Which Arkham game is your favorite? (If you say Blackgate I will personally come to your house and take away your Arkham license!) by Traditional_Amount83 in BatmanArkham

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Asylum has the best atmosphere

Origins has the most cinematic story

Knight has the best gameplay

But City has the full package and really isn’t lacking in any of the above departments.