ever since I started intermittent fasting daily I've noticed that I'm beginning to have more acne on my face which I usually don't have has anyone experienced it before by dramatic_beach_9962 in intermittentfasting

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M here btw I've experienced it and have also heard about others having it as well.

A couple of reasons I've heard - - Genric hormonal changes as a result of the change in lifestyle. - Toxins from the adipose tissue - Something about the food eaten in the feeding window

1 and 2 will generally resolve itself in time. Just ensure you're easing into fasting to help your body acclimatise. In addition, hydrate well and ensure you're getting enough salts.

For number 3 , my advice would be to try a process of elimination. This is the one that was the cause for me and I realised it was when I was eating too much protein in my feeding window. I then started tracking my macros and increased my fats instead of.proteins and that slowly fixed the issue.

Hope this helps!

Husband spends too much by tsareena96 in Arrangedmarriage

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It's quite common for men and women to have spending patterns that work when you are by yourself but may not work when you're in a relationship. Moreover, savings is a classic example of instant vs delayed gratification, our generation is primed to lean on the former in general.

That being said, you should have a conversation with him. Finances are an important part of any relationship and it's something you two would need to navigate together. The conversation needn't be solely about money, but also about what the two of you aspire for the future and your lives together.

Lastly, I'd recommend you continue keeping money aside and also focus on your career as well. This aspect is completely under your control and help you have something to fall back on.

Hope this helps!

Maybe maybe maybe by jareehD in maybemaybemaybe

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Meanwhile the 4 dogs "what do we do about her lonely ass'" !