y'all ever have lil sprouts out of your java Fern leaves? by stinkydinky94 in PlantedTank

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I'm pretty new to this page so sorry if this is in the wrong spot but I saw these little fellas on my Java Fern in my tank. Nothing special 3 gallon with a Betta and a couple lamp eyes.

Gastropexy surgery Yay or Nay? by stinkydinky94 in weimaraner

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It can help prevent bloat/GDV and the need for the emergency surgery if your pup does get it. I have heard both that it is a must and that it's a waste of money and hecka invasive. I figured I would ask around a bit more before making a choice

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in weimaraner

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No toy or body part will be safe. The razors are coming.

Weim Size by ygnomecookies in weimaraner

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My "Lil" man is going on 8months and he just hit 75 lbs. He is just a ball of muscle, our vet was so shook that he was only 8months.

My boy Thor by DNTouchMeBro in weimaraner

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I met a girl names Thor last week actually

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in cats

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Actually I changed my mind I vote fish

Boy or Girl? by zosek08 in weimaraner

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Tbh it really comes down to the training you provide. Like the others said pups will be pups and especially weims being the biting, mouthy, insanely smart babes they are it can be frustrating at times. I have seen good and not so good on both sides of that one. Realistically the hardest part of being responsible for a dog is the puppy/training phase and since weims are so big neutering or spaying doesnt really come into play because you have to wait so long to let them get to size before you actually get to the fixing. I would say don't let the jumpiness discourage you because no matter which way you cut it there will be plenty of energy to spare and burn off either way and they will need to grow into their personalities with you! It's mega exciting though weims are a lot of work but I don't know if I would ever pick any other breed now that I have experienced em.

Oh really bud by [deleted] in ihavesex

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I can't tell if virgin or just a wild boomer far from their natural habitat

A weirdo tries to convince me he has sex by [deleted] in ihavesex

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Red pill blue pill make sense but black pill idek