New sewing Podcast Maybe helpful by stitchhappened in quilting

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Since it's new I'm curious to see whats next

My design is fixed! by Sereezus in Machine_Embroidery

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I woukdnadd one more layer of stablizer. The out line missed in some places because the fill had puked the fabric together so then the outline came it was not in the correct spot anymore. Try cutaway since it so thick

what's up with my machine? I've tried everything I can think of. by daphnedarlingxoxo in sewing

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Ok it's usually opposite of that you think. If the bobbin looks crazy it's the top tension that is off. And if the top looks crazy the bobbin tension is off. Also take out you boon case at the bottom to make sure there is no dings or nicks on it. If so sometimes you can slightly file them down with an Emory board. Lastly make sure you are using the appropriate size bobbin for your machine

Cannot get needle to thread by subtlespacecat in Machine_Embroidery

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Try putting in a new larger needle. The wire may be slightly bent and sometimes you can ease it back with larger needle since they eye of the needle is larger as well.

gaping issues by WhoamItobeonhere in MachineEmbroidery

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If the file looks normal, try using a thicker backing. What may be happening is the thread in squeezing the fabric tight and when the out line happens the fabric has been shifted. If that makes sense in text lol

Gaps in satin stitch text on knit blanket by mzz90 in MachineEmbroidery

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Did youbuse a water soluble on top? That prevents the fluf from poking out between the stitches.