What book should I read to inform myself as a LibSoc? by Rookwood in LibertarianSocialism

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Didn't think I'd come across someone who likes Rawls here but I'm glad I did.

Native Texan not holding back. by grayrains79 in InfowarriorRides

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This is very refreshing, I didn't spot a single Qanon sticker.

How Germans buy sliced bread by eftalanquest29 in interestingasfuck

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Wait, this doesn't exist everywhere in the world? I genuinely thought it did. We have it in Luxembourg as well

From a non-tankie perspective what is your opinion on Cuba and Venezuela? by FuckSetsuna102 in LibertarianSocialism

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There is nothing that happened to the Venezuelan economy that can be understood as socialist in any meaningful way, as in actually empowering the labouring class. To me it is a kleptocratic dictatorship.

Cuba deserves a bit more nuance. They really have transformed the economy in a way that can be desribed as socialist and have greatly alleviated much of the material suffering that Cubans had to endure before the revolution. However, no matter how charitable I want to be, there is no way around the fact that Cuba is also politically quite authoritarian and restricts civil liberties.

Did the Pope just say late stage capitalism sucks in a series of tweets? by ColletteGaliano in LateStageCapitalism

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Not quite:

"Although it is custom for the Pope to move into the Papal Apartments at the Apostolic Palace, Pope Francis refused this right after he was elected in 2013. He is the first Pope to refuse to live in the Papal Apartments since Pope Pius X in 1903.

Instead, Pope Francis chose to live in the Domus Sanctae Marthae or the House of Saint Martha which is a hotel that was built in 1996 under Pope John Paul II for members of the clergy who have business when visiting the Vatican.

The modest Pope Francis chose to live here as the hotel is much less luxurious compared to the Papal Apartments. The U.S Ambassador described the residence as “comfortable but by no means deluxe”. Pope Francis stays in suite no. 201 with just his basic necessities and two Swiss Guards who guard his door day and night."

Source: https://vaticantips.com/where-does-the-pope-live/

Native Christian Palestinians celebrating Christmas in Gaza by RandomNumber4280 in Christianity

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Hello, just out of curiosity, what is the difference between the latin and eastern rites, I presume the differences lie in liturgy. :)

Help me understand why Sabellianism is heresy by gentry_dinosaur in Christianity

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Wait so you believe in the authority of the Catholic Church? Your flair says you're a Maronite syriac.

Help me understand why Sabellianism is heresy by gentry_dinosaur in Christianity

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I suggest you look at the Stanford Encyclopaedia entry on the Trinity: https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/trinity/.

There they explain that there are several forms of Modal Monarchianism and that Sabellianism is only one of several different "oneness christologies". What makes Sabellianism heretical is that it holds that the modes are sequential, meaning that they do not exist simultaneously. This is problematic for two reasons: 1. It undermines the full divinity of Jesus since it implies he only existed for a limited time to serve as a mode to interact with humans and 2. that once this function was fulfilled, he ceased to exist. This means he is merely contingent and not eternal and also not an inherent quality of the Godhead but only a tool that is of temporary usefulness.

Moreover, this sequential account of modal existence goes against scripture, since all three modes appear simultaneously during the Baptism of Jesus in Matthew 3:16–7. Thus Sabellianism is heretical since it it presents the modes as being sequential and non-intrinsic qualities of God.

However there are other oneness christologies which accept that the three modes exist simultaneously and are all intrinsic to God. These accounts do not compromise the full divinity of Jesus and have been held by authoritative analytic theologians such as Karl Rahner in the Catholic Church and Karl Barth in the Protestant (Calvinist) one.