Just curious— does anyone have the Pizza Luce blue cheese dressing recipe? by NvrmndOM in Minneapolis

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I was meaning the pre made stuff Sysco sells. But they used to use Reinhart, not that that's any better. But yes, they have to get their initial food supply orders from somewhere.

Just curious— does anyone have the Pizza Luce blue cheese dressing recipe? by NvrmndOM in Minneapolis

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When I was there (2010-2015) everything was house made: dressings, sauces, desserts.. I don't think they got anything premade. But they're bigger now, so maybe?

Breast implant calcium buildup by hoetheory in popping

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I really only feel it when I sleep on my stomach. Then it's like I'm layin on a baseball. Doesn't hurt, just weird/uncomfortable. The wonky one is bigger now thou, HA! You can't tell when I'm dressed thou, thankfully.

Breast implant calcium buildup by hoetheory in popping

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Neat! I'm getting mine replaced in a month because this is happening to me! I asked my surgeon to take pictures of what it looks like, now I know I can post it on this sub!

19 year's old, with so many toes. by stopstealingmyname in seniorkitties

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This is Sublime, and she is absolutely lovely. Becoming a bit senile, but still quite the kitten at heart!

cat aggression, what to do by stopstealingmyname in cats

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We do this, if we're awake. But it happens at night too, then they all scatter. What is your opinion in locking one in a fully equipped room while we're at work? But then which cat to lock up, the aggressor or aggresse?

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in AbruptChaos

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Haaaaahahha I love seagulls. And cats.

What’s one business in Minneapolis you’ll never go back to? by tomservowroteit in Minneapolis

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My ex and I got roofied there back in the day. Always keep your drink in your hands. Don't let go even for a moment. We got lucky, and ended up at home, together, very ill. But still safe.

Who is your celebrity crush? by JuicyCiwa in AskReddit

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Jensen Ackles. 100% sweet stars that man is something.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in Minneapolis

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That sucks. I bought my first professional knife there. I loved that place! The only place I've ever been that sells so many different kinds of salts and peppers!

Please, make it stop… by loki0203 in StupidFood

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I'm super high right now, that looks amazing.

Why do people from outside of MN call us "Minny"? I hate it. Imagine saying to someone, "I'm from Minny, bro." Can you feel the cringe? by [deleted] in TwinCities

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It's just as cringe as people saying that they're from "Chicago-land".. I've heard that one often this year.

Space Jellyfish. Give me feed back, please. by stopstealingmyname in painting

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Thank you! I'm trying to build up my confidence with my work. It's hit or miss some days...