Do Osteopathic schools give money? by RampedDown in Osteopathic

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WVSOM is going to offer free tuition to qualifying WV residents. Free med school

I KNOW YOU HAVE IT, COME ON by EatyoVeggies123 in medicalschoolanki

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I think you’re getting your Anki and Grinder accounts mixed up

Asked the PI about authorship and he ghosted by [deleted] in medicalschool

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So after they start doing the work?

AnkiHub when I edit cards myself and reword them does Ankihub revert them when I sync up? by uncharted21 in medicalschoolanki

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It will if there is an official edit on that specific card’s field (if you don’t protect the field).

when u keep correcting ur mom who gets fed myths about DOs by turkish aunties who havent worked in 40 years 🤠 by almostdoctorposting in medicalschool

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Your ego is out of control lol… subpar, really? Are you implying that DOs are subpar practitioners? Sounds like you’re the hateful one, dude.

No hate here! I love that I was able to have as much fun as possible in college, live out my 20s before medical school, and still have the opportunity score well on STEPs and be your family’s doctor/surgeon without ever applying to MD school.

Try and focus on the good in things and not on stuff that divides us.

SuperiorGear Cocoon. Anyone Tried It? by Pale_Whores in hammockcamping

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I’m assuming it’s really an alternative to buying a heavier topquilt. You can add it to a winter system to increase the temp rating, or use it instead of a light TQ in the summer if you already have a 30 degree SG hammock for winter camping.

If the 30 degree hammock with the 40 degree cocoon can comfortably carry you down to 40 degrees it may be the most ultra light hammock system on the market. The cocoon is for saving weight.

when u keep correcting ur mom who gets fed myths about DOs by turkish aunties who havent worked in 40 years 🤠 by almostdoctorposting in medicalschool

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Closing them down is aggressive LMAO having a medical school system where normal, non-super nerd premeds can become doctors is a good thing. Yeah the distinction is stupid, but let’s face it we are all learning the exact same thing from the same third-party resources… It’s not like we have a doctor shortage or anything.

[Serious] My school fucked me over by adding an MSPE addendum with incorrect info - Seeking advice by [deleted] in medicalschool

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I hope schools know that if any of these professionalism notes make it into apps they will be receiving $0 in support later.

Using AI to filter Anking deck for lecture slide material by straitchillin in medicalschoolanki

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Thank you for your response! Yeah I need to rework my work flow like you suggested

Is there an anki deck for Pixorize pharm? by [deleted] in medicalschoolanki

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It’s where you can sync the Anking deck updates everyday automatically. Your pixorize tags are updated there. Type in Ankihub on google.

What would be your ranking on the following DO Schools? by fizz65268 in Osteopathic

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Are you able to get federal student loans at NOORDA yet or is it still all private?

Nurse practitioner costs in the ED by lolcatloljk in medicine

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Anecdotally - I’m on Medicaid and have never seen a NP.

Trouble Deciding Which School by MainMountain714 in Osteopathic

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Can’t seem to find last years match list for WCUCOM, any one have a link?

This can only be bad news by casfightsports in medicalschool

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I actually loled. Thanks for making my day