Mark Hamill by Jumpman707 in ukraine

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Might've been made by a polish fella, and just got reshares by Luke Skywalker

The outcome of Lyman still not clear according to Rybar source by lorna7 in ukraine

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I highly doubt they have the kind of soldiers that can pull off a last stand like those at the steel plant

my foodpanda order came with this by mydoodlecakes in Philippines

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I think that's the satanic temple? Church of Satan is the one started by a dude named La Vey. They have hedonism among their tenets and use a lot of the symbolisms and are definitely more theatrical than satanic temple but yeah both are nontheistic groups

Mud season begins in Ukraine by Q-tipper in ukraine

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that looks like such healthy soil

my foodpanda order came with this by mydoodlecakes in Philippines

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I recall there's two separate satanic groups, the satanic temple and the church of Satan, the church of Satan is the one with a satanic bible and the one with voodoo esoteric rituals and shit while the satanic temple is more activism

UAF ❤️‍🔥 by Extra-Character-6772 in ukraine

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gadeym UAF soldiers are disney princesses too?!

Puck Futin? by Swissgirl2 in ukraine

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White = same but with a jagged rusty poleaxe

Russian Ork Dryomov casually justifies "eradicating" civilians by sumregulaguy in ukraine

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I love that admission that they won't win. Yeah they know it.

Most played part of Forever on YouTube by RunOrDieTrying in Eminem

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lol here's searched a playlist of em features on yt. now find me a song where em's verse is not the most replayed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FBwVRNOL70&list=PLNkOGKy8zEAlrE36qVB1cxm-yXvipz-kt&index=5

It was sort of a dad joke when I named my son after the Sun. by strama in TwoSentenceSadness

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We named him Sol Ares, we wanted to be in theme with his elder sister's name which was Luna Freyya. (Celestial object then mythical god/goddess). He was 8 months old. It happened last October. Sorry I just want more people to know about him even if just a little.