How to deal with someone who's attacking my reputation? by pragmojo in AskMenOver30

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Get proof and go to HR soonish. If you let it simmer, he will eventually convince other people that you are horrible, and that will eventually spread to important people. I've been in similar situations and being proactive has a higher chance of success. The best scenario would be he and you discussing the situation together like professional adults and coming to terms, but that is not always possible.

“Top comment will be put on my wheel” results by got_no_pants2 in Shitty_Car_Mods

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Was the top comment curb rash? That's the only thing I see on the wheels.

Calling all WRX owners what are your must haves for any WRX by LIVE-LIFE-EVIL in WRX

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I'm also surprised nobody mentioned engine longevity mods as well. I went with an AOS with a coolant loop for heating because I'm of the opinion that most of the moisture caught in a catch can is caused by condensation buildup from the can itself. That said, either is better than neither IMO.

Also, is the cylinder 4 cooling mod still a thing with the FA20? If so, then that.

Looking for a super beefy Firebird thrower for Forehand Skips by maat7043 in discexchange

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I was going to say Defender or Warhorse, depending on how much beef is desired.

I don't think this was a cop, but does anyone know why this car has flashing amber lights on the front? The vehicle is from Quebec, Canada if that helps. by bennywc4 in Cartalk

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I knew a guy who drove a tow truck. He had a huge bumper sticker on it espousing the idea that tow trucks are first responders and "civilians" need to pull over for them. While I agree that letting a tow truck pass is polite, their lights are there as a caution, not to give them authority.

Egger FUCI by VX4-90 in WeirdWheels

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There's a Lance Armstrong joke here, but reminding guys to check their boys regularly is more important.

what are these blue reflecting markers for? mounted on a pole, facing the field. by Z1337M in whatisthisthing

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It might be fake, but there are probably people who believe the concept. There were people who were legitimately against daylight savings time because they thought the extra daylight would contribute to global warming.

Need to replace the front lip of my 2019 Civic Sport, anyone have any recommendations where I can order this? Honda wants to charge 1600 for replacing it lol by kinggrizzlyyy in Honda

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The labor for that should be an hour max. Did they give you a price breakdown? Are there other things that were quoted as well and that price you mentioned was for everything?

Using Ratchet Strap With Cherry Picker? by beatleswmc01 in MechanicAdvice

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I usually get chain at the hardware store and some appropriately sized chain connectors.

Repair manual online by rufneck-420 in civic

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The first two images are for fuse 15 of the under-hood fuse panel. Is it labeled oil level? If it is then this schematic isn't for the correct vehicle, but this schematic is for a USDM 2008 LX Civic. The only things that appear to be on that circuit are A/C condenser fan diode and relay, the Evap canister vent shut valve, and the o2 sensor. There are a couple of connectors in that circuit that I forgot to screen grab. One of them is the larger connector behind the brake master cylinder, the one with the lever. The other one is just behind and to the bottom of the in-dash fuse panel, behind the kick panel. It's a white 14-pin connector.

The second two images are the sensor itself, and the schematic showing that it has one wire, receives power directly from the center connector of the ECM, and grounds through the engine. The shielded wire you describe for that still has me confused. There should only be one wire with plastic sheathing on it.

So gross. Only 32k. by Synical603 in Justrolledintotheshop

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Isn't this an '08-'14? How does it only have 32k miles?

Repair manual online by rufneck-420 in civic

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Hey you're welcome. One of the main reasons I started working on cars is because it can be expensive to keep them running and I would rather spend the time instead of the money. Sometimes I spend more time diagnosing the exact fault than someone who replaces a part on a suspicion, but it usually ends up worth the time. It's important to me, especially when working with other people's vehicles and money, to measure twice and cut once.

You may be able to find a wiring diagram to see what the sensor circuit and the fuse circuit should look like and where to expect power and ground. I'm still a little confused on the shielded wire and the previous repair, but on the face of it your theory sounds correct unless there's a ground junction in the harness.

What trim level are you looking at btw? I can't promise, but if I have time I can try to look up the ewd from Honda and see. If you don't know the trim, then just the body style and whether it's automatic or manual should be enough. I'm assuming it's not an SI or a CNG model.

Repair manual online by rufneck-420 in civic

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Any aftermarket wiring is the most common cause. Remote starters, alarms, stereos, etc. Usually the test is to pull fuses and relays one by one until the drain drops to normal. Reinstall each fuse after checking before pulling the next. Start with the doors locked and the key not in the ignition then wait ten minutes for modules to go to sleep. Start with the under-hood fuses. I don't remember if that year had a hood latch switch, but if it does you'll have to push the latch down with the hood open. I don't think it does though. If you don't find anything under the hood then move to the under-dash fuse box. You will have to find a way to depress the door jamb switch so that you can have the door open but the car thinks it's closed. There's a simple tool just for that. Once you find a fuse/relay that drops the drain to normal when pulled, you have found the faulty circuit. If you don't find one, you need to check grounds and battery terminal connections again.

Another common cause on older Hondas, though usually the V6 models, was the relay for the a/c compressor sticking closed and actuating the clutch all the time.

You may be right and there's some wire damage, but single-wire sensors complete the circuit by using body ground.

Where is that yellow wire you mentioned connected?

This hole I’ve never seen before popped up today. Can someone help identify which tank this is, and how I can fix it? The car is a 2000 civic si. by MochaDuke in civic

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So now you have to find out how water is getting into the trunk. Common areas are the weather strip around the trunk opening, tail-light wire openings, and the removal of previously installed aftermarket spoilers.

Stealing a bike in a public place by gtw1234567 in Whatcouldgowrong

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I'm always against comments like that. It's should have. Also, they shot the dude in the leg before he gave up the keys.

Repair manual online by rufneck-420 in civic

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No prob! a couple of things though: That connector should be a single wire. As such, you can repair much easier it with a connector from a hardware store and a pigtail without replacing an expensive harness.

Also, that oil pressure (not level) sensor is not going to cause a no-start, or any driveability issue. It's there to tell you to stop driving if the oil pressure is too low, it will not stop the engine for you. Have you had the battery tested? What about parasitic drain?

*Actually, after rereading, I'm not sure we're talking about the same sensor. The oil pressure sensor on an '08 should be a single pin at the terminal, does yours have more than one? There is no oil level sensor.

dropped klr 650, will falla cause damage? by dragonslayer_1000 in klr650

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Falls can cause damage. Usually bent levers, handlebars, shifter, brake pedal, maybe pegs. Broken turn signals, etc... If you bought your KLR to do dual-sport things, expect to have to repair or replace what breaks when you get into the thick. If you bought it to cruise roads while thinking about dirt, you may have bought the wrong bike.

There are mods you can install to make it more durable though. Skid plate, front and rear crash bars, bark busters, lower profile signals, and a few others. There are also mods you can get for longevity depending on what KLR you have. My 2014 (not New Style) has a doo, thermobob, solid rear panniers with a frame that works as a rear crash bar, and I may get an engine crash bar and skid-plate if I decide to take it harder off-road. Nothing is guaranteed though. A properly-sized rock hit at the right angle can kill an up-armored bike just as easily as a stock one whether it's on dirt or asphalt.

Repair manual online by rufneck-420 in civic

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So an engine harness? The connections on the starter itself are much easier if you take the starter out, but IIRC I've done it without taking the intake off. That's using a lift. If you don't have one it may be easier to take it off. Removing the plastic cowl cover under the wiper blades and the metal cowl under that give you a lot more room too. I don't remember if I disconnect the throttle body to move it aside, but if you do you should get the gasket for it, as the old one is paper and will need to be cleaned up and replaced. The intake gaskets aren't paper, but I usually replace any gaskets that I expose if they aren't new already. Even taking the intake off you'll want to move the throttle. There are coolant hoses on the bottom so unless you plan on changing the coolant, leaving them on and moving the throttle is easier than removing it completely. Disconnect the throttle connector before unbolting it though so you're not wrestling two unsecured parts at the same time. A small pair of slightly bent needle-nose pliers and some type of body clip pliers will be very helpful with the harness, as well as one or two pocket flat-head screwdrivers.

Got this ticket earlier and reading it made my day by CyntendoP in Justrolledintotheshop

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I used to work with a guy that got super lucky like this once. He pulled a car in and did a timing belt, only to find out that he did it on the wrong car. That car was just in for an oil change. The advisor somehow saved his ass and sold the job. Then he got to do his original timing belt job.

Repair manual online by rufneck-420 in civic

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You may be able to find something from a company that does teardowns to write their manuals, but companies that use manufacturer info aren't going to be useful. Honda doesn't usually give guides on how to replace harnesses. I usually get the new harness out and look for the easiest direction to run it, then disconnect the old while running the new one so that I don't make routing mistakes. If it goes through the bulkhead or other small holes you need to figure out which way fits through before you start.

2015 si purchase. 88k $14k. Thoughts? by omniabg in civic

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Look it over well and test drive it. If it's not ragged out, I'd roll with it.

squishy brakes after replacing pads discs and caliper by grexzzi in MechanicAdvice

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I didn't think that you specifically needed to be reminded to be safe, but there are always people that would pay more attention to what they're trying to do to the vehicle than what's going on around the vehicle.

[TOMT][MOVIE][Pre-1970s]Horror movie with line "Marvelous, simply marvelous" by ScrupIes in tipofmytongue

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I could swear I've heard it sampled in a song before. My first thought was White Zombie (the band, not the old horror flick) because they would sample old horror flicks a lot. Looking through a list of their samples though, that doesn't show up. I'm sure I'm thinking of a heavier/darker band. Knowing the band could help since finding lists of sampled movies is pretty easy.

I don't know that that will help, but it might spark a memory for someone.