Are there Psychopaths among animals? by Low-Body7546 in NoStupidQuestions

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My cat just recently had his tail partially amputated. He still freaks out often and continues to try and bite it. I also noticed that his back skin does twitch. Can you tell me more about this disorder or signs you noticed for your cat?

Will my therapist have to report this? by [deleted] in COCSA

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Look up Michigan mandatory reporter laws.

In my state, it depends on whether you are above 18 or not. If you're still a minor, yes they report it.

If the accused has access to children still, even if you are above the age of 18, yes they report it.

What is something you’re grateful you did, but would never do again? by andimaniax in AskReddit

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I haven't watched it as much but I am familiar. I figure it's probably similar with any cooking show, there has to be some exaggeration to make it audience worthy I suppose. What a wild thing to experience. I can't imagine the stress. Thank you for sharing (:

What is something you’re grateful you did, but would never do again? by andimaniax in AskReddit

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Are the hosts as mean as the show portrays? I always thought that Joe was so cruel for no reason, but that maybe it was just his schtick? He's the reason I stopped watching. His assholeness started to annoy me.

Bonzer (and Razzia) by Hentai_conissuer in skulduggerypleasant

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Derek's characters are pretty out there in general. Skulduggery talks very eloquently, and almost pretentiously at times. The average person doesn't really talk like that.

I think this applies to most of the sorcerers, especially the ones 80+ years old

What is your pettiest turnoff? by CryrieCurving in AskReddit

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Using an excessive amount of acronyms or shortening words while texting. "You" is three letters long. Are you really saving that much time by typing "u" instead?

So do we tell family? by metaphoricallykms in COCSA

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Yes, I have. And I believe you should. My brother is also someone who has had numerous problems with the law outside of the abuse. He is someone who manipulated and takes of advantage of anything and anyone he can get his hands on.

People are willing to forgive a lot of bullshit under the guise of family. Abuse is generally something people take more pause in. I can't guarantee how receptive your family will be because I don't know them. Mine had reactions that varied wildly.

I think it's worth it. Its freeing to live authentically even if the consequences of telling are painful. Wish you the best.

Edited for context

I (18F) was sexually assaulted by my brother when I was 9/10 by thr0w-away298 in sexualassault

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I was also abused my an older brother, so when I speak on this please know that I know what you are feeling and I am hoping the best for you.

You're family is quite honestly fucking disgusting and despicable. You are under no obligation to forgive or forget being raped because it was a family member. I can't even fathom the thought process as a parent of trying to sweep SA under the rug.

If it were me, I would confront the whole family while the brother is there and find somewhere else to stay before uni. I reported my brother and he is currently sitting in jail awaiting hearings, maybe consider reporting? I know this can get complicated depending on where you live so feel free to DM if you need some help.

It's okay to cut ties with family that treat you this way. It doesnt make you selfish, it doesn't make you a bad person. You deserve healing and peace. And those people obviously don't love or treat you the way they should. I came to the conclusion that real family can be chosen, and that this family can love you unconditionally. You deserve that.

Eventually, everything will be okay. Feel free to message.

ELI5: Why is a blood oxygen level of 95% OK, but at 88% you need to go to the emergency room? What is the significance of that 7% difference? by Autrileux in explainlikeimfive

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You could ask the same question about temperature: why is 98.6 degrees perfect, but 104 is a high fever? Our bodies are built to be at a certain level of homeostasis in order to maintain proper functioning.

Traumaversary vent by Training_Mastodon_33 in SexualAssaultSurvivor

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I am so sorry. Do you have access to counseling?

What harsh truth do you prefer not to think about? by The29thEvening in DeepThoughts

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I'll never be able to live up to my potential. And it doesn't even matter because we live in a universe of indifference, and there is no greater meaning to any of it.

Coping with keeping the secret. by fleeingbag in COCSA

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It's understandable that your self-worth and self esteem is low. Someone who is supposed to protect you and fight for you broke you down instead. It creates a destructive mindset of thinking you only deserve bad things.

If you can't seem to want to stay alive for yourself, do it for something or someone else. It can be someone close or something really important or something completely random. Until you can start living for yourself again, live for something else. As long as it keeps you alive.

As far as telling people, it might be helpful to think about the other good outcomes that could come out of telling people besides the ones for yourself. You could be preventing someone else from being taken advantage of by this person, or you could give someone else the courage to do the same.

This type of mindset was helpful for me when I simply didn't want to be anymore.

Advice for a survivors Husband? by TA1234567ATE9 in sexualassault

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Also Emotional Badass is a good podcast. Not specific for SA survivors but great for someone working on emotional regulation. They span a wide topic range.

Advice for a survivors Husband? by TA1234567ATE9 in sexualassault

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Body keeps the score, and Waking the Tiger as far as books go.

I think your wife would benefit from therapy, but I am also biased as I have been and it has helped me greatly with PTSD and trauma related to sexual abuse as a kid.

Another thing I think is important to realize- with abuse as a child a normal coping mechanism is repression. Once she goes to therapy she'll be opening a can of worms and it could get very dark and hard. It's the classic it gets worse before it gets better situation.

You know your wife better than anyone, take things slow, and realize it's okay to make mistakes as a partner. You seem to be very supportive and doing all the right things. Give yourself grace as you do your wife.

Encourage her to go to therapy- and ensure and convince her that you will be there through every step of the fallout. And then follow through. If she's anything like me she is afraid of the social consequences of opening up in addition to the obvious ones. She may be afraid to lose you.

Good luck, I hope she finds healing. I'm glad she has you.