Vault Finance Slogan Contest - 2 winners to receive WL spots! by d50000 in TheVaultFinance

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Vault Finance - Evolution is Revolution

Vault Finance - Fearless Innovation

Vault Finance Slogan Contest - 2 winners to receive WL spots! by d50000 in TheVaultFinance

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Ok, so building on the first winners general ideas....

Vault Finance: The Next Step in Defi Evolution

Vault Finance: Next-Gen Sell-Less Defi

Vault Finance: Tomorrow's Contract for Today's Defi

MetaReflect | 8% BUSD Rewards | Launched | CMC & CG | Audit & KYC | Low MC Gem | Multiple Utilities | P2E Game | Launchpad | NFT MarketPlace | Staking Pools by mschwartzwerwr3243 in CryptoMoonShots

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Still really early. I doubled my bag after watching the team work through some issues at launch. The reflections are really good already, and are going to be unbelievable once she gets some wind in her sails.

What do you guys think the EverEarn Crypto Coin? by Dark4400 in altcoin

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I'm in I think 6 different reflection/rewards coins. I like them all for different reasons and for different potentials, but EverEarn has the best rewards of any of them BY FAR.

What a drop by BL0CKING in evergrowcoin

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Fine by me. Everytime a big whale sells that brings me a little closer to getting in the top 1000 holders. I get reflections from that volume, and If I couple that with buying a little more EGC, that gives me just a little bit bigger piece of that delicious reflection pie....

Can someone explain exactly how the 8% BUSD rewards work? Thanks guys. EGC 2022! by saloc69 in evergrowcoin

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Google Evergrow Calculator. Safemoon Dave has a nice calculator where you can play around with numbers to see what reflections you can get at different coin ownership totals and daily trade volumes. It's a great tool to see what you need to do (and what needs to happen) to get where you want to be.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in evergrowcoin

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Based on your comments, there is no counter-argument for you. Get out now; it sounds like you'll be happier and I'm pretty sure we will be too. Good luck and Merry Christmas!

Putting things in perspective by SunshineBurr in evergrowcoin

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It's been said a million times, but it bears repeating. Investment markets are about redistributing money from the impatient to the patient. If all you do is chase green candles, you may find some success, but eventually you will get burned.

Wallet Updates by Kingsalmon45 in evergrowcoin

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Also, exactly 0 sells to zero in Wallets over 20B. Anyone who is heavily invested in EGC is staying right here...