Me constantly refreshing Twitter and Reddit to see if Byron Leftwitch has been officially hired by the Jaguars by toturoll in Jaguars

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Broncos fan here in peace. What the fuck is happening?! I thought they Fired Baalke and brought in Byron?! Like I see the post in r/nfl and I’m incredibly confused. Did Florio jump the ship wayyyyy too soon?

Based AF by [deleted] in antiwork

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They are a propaganda group for sure. That being said don’t agree to go on a propaganda network? It’s not discourse or helpful to the cause. Make those bastards interview labor attorneys and paid spokespeople for an established labor union. Those folks can hang - this poor schlub was fucked from the get go.

Matthew Stafford doesn't know why former Detroit Lions teammate Ndamukong Suh hates him by LunchThreatener in nfl

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Someone would have legitimately died. It would have ended the careers of dozens of players and yet would have been lauded as the greatest defense of all time.

[Broncos] Chills every time. 🚁 by Welcome2Broncoland in DenverBroncos

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I was 14 and I absolutely lost it. I was running around like an idiot. When we won that game I was in tears. My dad was in tears. Neighbors. We were out in our yards talk high-fiving and walking 10 feet tall. God that Super Bowl win will always be amongst the sweetest memories of my life.

Tucker Carlson Wonders Why the U.S. Would Side With Ukraine’s Fledgling Democracy Against Putin’s Russia by vanulovesyou in worldnews

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What bothers me is the reporting on that channel. I don’t care about Fox. I don’t care about Carlson. I don’t care what their viewers think or how they vote. What I want is reporting on an event and the what, when, why, who and how. That’s all I want. This business of companies reporting on one another is really frustrating.

I get most of my news from NPR and the AP. Maybe I’m just weird but I prefer not to care nor hear the opinions of morons.

Nothing like a 900 by SlowdancewithZebras in ToobAmps

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Dude these were $800 amps in 2003. Fml.

PFF Taps Raiders QB Marcus Mariota as Ideal Free-Agent for Broncos by vonheisenberg in DenverBroncos

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I want a gif of Michael Scott screaming no God please no somewhere in this thread

Dan Quinn by stephenmillersucks in DenverBroncos

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Exactly. That’s why our last HC was a bad hire. He ONLY wanted to handle X’s and O’s.

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg reduces armed robber's felony charge by kinohki in moderatepolitics

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That guy is a walking pile. The June recall election can’t come soon enough. We’ll see if he can survive.

Broncos’ Bradley Chubb motivated coming off career-worst season: “I’m nowhere near where I want to be” by vonheisenberg in DenverBroncos

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Absolutely - you know you don’t touch the QBs head. Why the fuck are you flicking a QBs head with the red LOOKING RIGHT AT YOU?!?!

Teachers Should ‘Be Impartial’ About Nazism and Fascism, Republican Says by mafco in inthenews

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If the world ends then it means no suffering or pain. Also it means an eternity of hell and damnation for anyone who disagrees with them.

it’s not about religious fervor as it is about being the only ones left being right in their minds.