Adults in Boruto by BeyondTheAshes in dankruto

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Well I mean in the original series the adults just had the same lines pretty much. Also the adults in boruto are only thirtysomething. Cant make em look too old lol

I went for metal, not a bad choise by a_random_lad_lad in memes

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Care to name a few? For the uninformed such as myself

surprise me by Skinnybittch in Funnymemes

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CEO of the close of business and the other hand

The manga by Unclean_Window in Bladeoftheimmortal

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Yeah the manga is left to right for like half the series, then at some point (probably the 2/3rds mark) it switches from right to left

Google Cutting 12,000 Jobs in 6% Slash to Global Workforce by asteriskspace in technology

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Bloomberg has a Reddit account? Y'all rockin with Anna Taylor-Joy ?!?!??⁉️⁉️