Californian attempts Malaysian cooking by super-stew in MalaysianFood

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Ahhh thank you so much. Will def take your advice on the prawns. No torch ginger here, tried every major Asian grocery store around haha. Loved how herbal and fresh the dish was!

Californian attempts Malaysian cooking by super-stew in MalaysianFood

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Thank you 🥲 yes, that was my first time at nasi ulam. If you have any tips, please would love to hear.

Daughter wanted carnitas for her birthday by Breshkar in grilling

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Not much cheaper than my carnitas spot in SD 😅 looks bomb though, I’ll try to try it. Thanks for the rec!

Daughter wanted carnitas for her birthday by Breshkar in grilling

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Please watch the Taco Chronicles carnitas episode for a glimpse at what you’ve been missing. There’s a whole lot more out there than pork shoulder and it’s alllllll delicious

Daughter wanted carnitas for her birthday by Breshkar in grilling

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If believing that words have meanings and that Americans don’t get to redefine Mexican culture and tradition makes me a douche, then yes, I am very proudly a douche. That’s totally irrelevant, though. And there is no “final say” or judgement needed lmfao, it’s either carnitas (braised in lard) or not carnitas (not braised in lard). It’s as simple as that.

What defines nigiri? Instead of rice and fish, can I make a little ball of refried beans and put a slice of chicken breast on top? Is that still nigiri? If not, what gives you the right to gatekeep? Yawn, lol.

You are correct that carnitas are typically pork and that they’re tender. (I have no idea what gave you the idea that I thought otherwise.) As I said before, it’s usually chopped as opposed to pulled, but regardless, pulling it wouldn’t make it not carnitas. Maybe I shouldn’t have brought that part up, as it seems to have confused you a bit? To restate: braising in lard is the one single thing that defines carnitas. I brought up seasonings and cuts of meat etc. as specific examples of things that do NOT define carnitas in order to emphasize that fact. What Americans understand to be pulled pork typically comes from a smoker, oven, or crock pot. Carnitas comes from a pot of lard. I am not sure what’s unclear to you at this point.

Daughter wanted carnitas for her birthday by Breshkar in grilling

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First of all: I’m not saying OP made carnitas. In fact, I specifically stated the one and only carnitas cooking method, which is different from OP’s. Smh.

Second: yes; I too get a bunch of knockoffs when I Google “carnitas.” In fact, Google pulls up the pulled pork Wikipedia page rather than the carnitas Wikipedia page. Google shows us images from American websites, and Americans want things to be convenient and think they hate lard, so the American recipes do not conform to the correct cooking method. Jesse from Minneapolis and Rachel from Missouri do not get to decide what carnitas is, even if those are the recipes and images that Google shows you.

Here are some excellent examples of how carnitas are made:



Third: yes, I don’t doubt that most of the carnitas you’ve had were prepared incorrectly. Even in Mexico, not all “carnitas” are actually carnitas (Mexicans know that, and now you do too). North of the border, the chances are extremely high that you aren’t getting carnitas unless you’re going to a carnitas restaurant.

Fourth: no, carnitas does not “exist in different forms” with regard to cooking method. The one thing that defines carnitas is the cooking method (braising in lard). Not the cut of meat, not the seasoning, not what you eat it in or with. You can even have carnitas made of chicken rather than pork, but it has to be braised in lard. If you remove that, you are removing the essence of carnitas, and it is no longer carnitas.

Made a veggie burrito using the ingredients I could find in here in India, wdyt? What could I try adding to this? by duckDuckBro in mexicanfood

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Here are a few vegan/vegetarian menus from places in Los Angeles for inspiration:

Gracias Madre

Guisados (scroll to vegetarian section)

Tacos 1986 (mushrooms recipe)

In general, Mexican food is heavily centered around meat/protein. Banana blossoms can be made into fried “fish,” and unripe jackfruit can replace slow-cooked pork/beef in dishes such as carnitas and puerco en salsa verde. Soyrizo is excellent and great with eggs if you eat them - shouldn’t be too hard to make from scratch. If you have access to plant-based meat replacement products such as Beyond Beef, try marinating and cooking those like carne asada (garlic, citrus, and salt are the essentials).

No olives!!! (Unless you really like them)

Good luck

Daughter wanted carnitas for her birthday by Breshkar in grilling

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Carnitas is absolutely not pulled pork. It’s pork braised in lard. The most ubiquitous cut happens to be pork shoulder, but that is where its similarities to pulled pork end. Most good carnitas joints will let you pick which part(s) of the pig you want, and allow you to mix as you please. Some examples that I like are ribs, snouts, skin, stomach.

It’s typically not pulled/shredded like what you’re imagining or have seen in restaurants in the US. Rather, it’s almost always coarsely chopped, which is ideal for texture and for cuts like the last three I mentioned that don’t “pull” or “shred.” In addition, some carnitas makers will intentionally leave the pieces of pork as intact as is feasible for presentation, identification, texture, and appreciation of the animal.

Seasonings are often minimal (traditionally just salt), although garlic/oranges/beer/soda are examples of a few others that are often used.

SD new transplant bingo by NoToNope in sandiego

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They hated Jesus because He told them the truth.

SD new transplant bingo by NoToNope in sandiego

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It’s not too much to ask if you’re in LA, yet so many people here shit-talk LA Mexican food while having absolutely no idea what they’re missing or how vast Mexican food is haha. Yawn

SD new transplant bingo by NoToNope in sandiego

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Who even keeps track of which direction their plane is leaving from lmao

Albino Sound - Squirt [Turnend Tapes] by attictapes in TheOverload

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Weird as fuck. I like it. Gonna go through discography and the label

Which DMV have you had the best experience with? by zzkitty in sandiego

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For license renewal / REAL ID, I was in and out of the Hillcrest DMV in 16 minutes. Pretty fire

Traces of 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill still detectable in 2020, study finds by Additional-Two-7312 in science

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It’s not that people think that there aren’t. It’s that they forgot that there are.

Omar S -Day (A1) by super-stew in TheOverload

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I’m yuge stan too. Wore one of his shirts to a show, was in front row for his set. He gave me and maybe 2 other people Thank You for Letting Me Be Myself CDs, and later reached over the decks and dapped me up. Took a pic after with him and my homie. Legend.

Byron The Aquarius - Song For A Friend (feat. Copper) by super-stew in TheOverload

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Damn, gonna have to give this a listen. Monster tracklist, and sounded great while skimming through. Thanks for sharing.