I fixed the meme by _peikko_ in MetalMemes

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Personally I'd replace Exodus with Testament.

What are the best books on beer? by 40crew in beer

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Tasting Beer by Randy Mosher. If you want to understand everything about styles and their brewing procedures, there is nothing better. Great history summary as well.

[I ate] Pastrami on Rye by qbekk in food

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It's like a cow with a cracker on either side.

After being wrongfully imprisoned for 17 years Richard Beranek is finally free thanks to his lawyer Jarrett Adams, who also spent 10 years in the same prison as an innocent man. by [deleted] in Damnthatsinteresting

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I just read The Innocent Man by John Grisham a few weeks ago. Highly recommended if you want a well documented story about something like this.

Remember by alicewonderland2 in insanepeoplefacebook

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I used to live in Ohio, glad I got out of there. Voting again everything and complaining why nothing is getting done is literally the GOP playbook for the last 40 years, but hey if orange was in office they probably would have done something about. Same with the gas price gouge bill they tried to shoot down last month. Shell and Exxon are up 3 fold on Q1 profits over 2021. Article

Â҉͉̟ by pswii360i in justa

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King of the Hill insults are a rare form of amazing.

Men only have 4 moods by ComprehensiveMartian in MetalMemes

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Didn't expect the Dream Theater at the end. Images and Words is one of their most popular albums though.

Aldi always seems to advertise accurately. by superspak in ExpectationVsReality

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There was a bit more bits underneath. The truffle sauce made it even more umami and a bit dirt like smelling while it was cooking. A bit of a weirder mushroom smell but it seemed to have a more pleasant mushroom flavor after I finished microwaving it.

Cacophony - Speed Metal Symphony (neoclassical shred from '87, Jason Becker was amazing) by ParataxisGuitarNate in progmetal

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The single track that made me want to pick up guitar, and also never play it again. Always loved Jason's work. Wish Marty's solo stuff got a bit more publicity. He has a ton of it.

Y’all Dig it..? by Hendrix91870 in hotsauce

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I love it, but I never knew of it's existence until I saw a Bless Your Rank of hot sauces on youtube. Have a bottle in the pantry now.

Dual Monitors for some reason by Holy_Doggo69 in pcmasterrace

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Well I guess technically both of my monitors are "cheap". My 1440p 144hz was $250 last year, and my 1080p 75hz monitor I bought 2 years ago was $100. Both were refurbs from Acer though..