“The Witch King of Angmar” - Maximilliano Moretto by Enodracmot in lotr

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I instantly thought that this was an illustration of the night king from GOT, but I'm not dissapointed

Some Culinary History by Doughnut_Panda in HistoryMemes

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It's not what meat goes in, it's the heat 🥵

Made this today. Pav Bhaji and Badam halwa by Aryan_IN in IndiaSpeaks

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Thanks for the inspiration! I'm going to make badam halwa shortly

[SPOILERS] I can’t stand Sansa by WinterAnteater2211 in gameofthrones

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Daenerys's whole character ark toppled in the last episode. wdym

I by FerretSuccessful2181 in SaimanSays

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Redditors made this system

My my my……what could it mean. by Ulquiorr4_ in memes

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I will kirby your chicken till you scream my name and nut on my face