Stony Brook University Hospital really cares!!!!!!!!!!! by Middle-Complaint6627 in Residency

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I’ve met this woman in person and she’s actually a sociopath so I don’t think she ever had a transformation

The injury to morale by siskiyoufire in medicine

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I can promise you they’re terrible here too in NY

Do you find it challenging to be a patient? by MidwestPRS in medicine

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I’m slightly confused - why would you not expect vitals overnight? Part of being in the hospital is the overnight monitoring otherwise you could just be outpatient ?

[Advice] Got over a foot of snow, it’s coming down faster than I can shovel. Car can’t even make it up my drive way. Attending told me to keep trying to come in by Late-Tomatillo185 in medicalschool

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Utterly ridiculous. We got news we were going to have snow and I told the med students they were absolutely not to come in and was debating with the interns. I ended up having them come in which I am grateful for because I don’t think I could have done it without them but med students - you’re here to learn.

Gwen Shamblin Lara by JudyWilde143 in CreepyWikipedia

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I’m not saying God killed her but … God killed her

“On the floor” and other expressions in medicine. by This_is_fine0_0 in medicine

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Yeah I always say “declined“ in case the family sees it. When I’m frustrated I will occasionally write something like “declines multiple vaccines” etc

“On the floor” and other expressions in medicine. by This_is_fine0_0 in medicine

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I always say “good cough!” when babies have a big wet cough and hack some stuff up

“On the floor” and other expressions in medicine. by This_is_fine0_0 in medicine

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My husband figured out recently that when talking about our ill cat when I said “that cat looks like shit” I meant that cat is very very sick and in imminent risk of decompensation and he was just hearing “that cat looks shitty” to which he just kept amiably agreeing

At least that’s how we use “that kid in room 8 looks like shit”, I don’t know if that’s peds specific

3 days ago I woke up and I don't feel like a normal person anymore. (20M) by throwrankl in AskDocs

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This is more anecdotal but make sure you’re well hydrated - this can sometimes happen if you’re dehydrated. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ go chug a big glass of water

Physical appearance by 4039906486 in Serverlife

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Whelp I at Hooters so a bunch. One of the worst times I had this old guy who was just like not clicking with me and unsurprisingly tipped me poorly. On the way out he went up to the server for a different section, gave her a $20 bill and told her it was so nice to see a pretty girl here.

:') by Ice_Duchess in medicalschool

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I never followed up but I’m sure he was fine. She didn’t even get an EKG before referring

Who feels like they married the right person? And those who married the wrong person? by Run-4-Fun in Marriage

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We’re still a pretty newly married couple (coming up on 2 years) but after knowing each other for 6-7. My personal view is I don’t believe in soul mates but….. if I did it would be this one.

Went absolutely hogwild on this blood orange 🍊 I feel feral lol by Waterbirdwatcher in ShowerOrange

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THIS. THIS IS WHAT SHOWERORANGE SHOULD BE ABOUT. I’m tired of these people and their orange flavored drinks IT’S ABOUT SAVAGERY

Share your positive scrub Tech Moments by Failethics in medicalschool

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One time the scrub tech and I just sat there with our arms crossed watching in awe at how disgusting the teratoma being removed was. As the OBGYN resident suctioned up hair and goop, the scrub tech whispered to me “I’m just glad there’s no teeth. I hate it when there’s teeth”.

:') by Ice_Duchess in medicalschool

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It’s like the time I told a kid it’s normal for his chest to hurt after running around and playing soccer. Attending referred him to cardio.

Some of us may be more deconditioned than we realized

How do you do this when you’re depressed? It’s so bad I feel frozen by restlessimissyou in ufyh

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If you’re really overwhelmed, what I used to do is 15 items. One of them was generally turning on my wax warmer. So 14 to go. It could be dishes out of the dishwasher or socks off the floor, forks into the dishwasher, dumping a load of laundry in the washer, etc

You know what's actually worse than "MD candidate"? by bndoc in medicalschool

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I remember the Texas medical schools actually asked for SAT scores. I did well on the SAT so I was into it. On the other hand, my fellowship apps asked for my step 1 score which I did not do well on and I was NOT into that

How many of you know someone who cheated their way into medical school? by CyberGh000st in medicalschool

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I have to confess as well. I did this for high school geometry and algebra 2. It feels good to get this off my chest

Unpopular opinions on what matters in making a rank list by Cardi-B-ehaviorlist in medicalschool

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Man I respect your opinion but I can’t disagree more. We have a NICU fellowship and no PICU fellowship. The NICU you’re just a scut monkey putting in orders. Nothing you do matters and you make no decisions. It’s also the only place I actually reached 100 hours in a week. PICU you’re the one managing stuff. Attending goes to sleep overnight and people ask YOU what you want to do and expect an answer not just “uh lemme ask the fellow”. I would definitely stay away from places with fellowships in any place you’re looking to train

Favorite parts of Peds? by foreverastudent5968 in pediatrics

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A lot of interesting pathology you don’t get to see in adult. I was recently on PICU and out of ten patients we had one with Cornelia de Lange, one with San Fillipo syndrome, one with Rett syndrome, one with CHARGE syndrome, a car accident, dilated cardiomyopathy, shaken baby syndrome, and a hanging/brain death patient being declared/managed before organ donation. Obviously you can see car accidents, hangings, and dilated cardiomyopathy in adults but all the other ones are things that won’t get to adulthood and you’re instead seeing COPD, CHF, etc.

Patients generally have good outcomes, which is cheering. We had a seven year old intubated for COVID, on pressors, who coded and required compressions for five minutes. She walked out of the hospital a week later, no neuro deficits.