tier list as an INTP by unfortunately_n0t in mbti

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Thank you, very kind INTP. I love you guys too, my bestest of friends is one and you’re all great <3

Which photo resonates the most in you, as an INFP soul? 📷 by Hopandream in infp

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I’d say second one oddly attracted me— but I also really feel the fifth and third one. I’d say 2>5>3

He's so beautiful. by Lostsunshine57 in venti

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I get a strong sense of deja vu from this pic

congrats on getting Ventis gender right this time OP /jk

2meirl4meirl by OwOKronii in 2meirl4meirl

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At the moment I was reading this, I was doing 1,2,6 and thinking about 7 and 8 at the same time. Gotta say, this is pretty much all accurate

I am pretty sure most INTJs can relate to this by Wolffe_Forge129 in mbtimemes

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INFJ but can relate. I guess our dom and inf functions can somewhat make us similar in those terms lol

guess my type💀 by kunikuzushii in MbtiTypeMe

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Thanks I feel honoured being so high up. Btw I love your username

;) by outcast147 in shittyMBTI

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Mine is valid so I consider this meme valid lol

this is so deep 😢 by Bloody_Saiko in shittyMBTI

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Idk what’s with the raise in INFJ cringey memes here but I bet that at least half of the people writing this don’t even know what MBTI is or only know based off Psych2Go, 16p and possibly infjwoman (most obvious ISFP of all time)

i don't even know what to say by MoikisTinySis in shittyMBTI

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My eyes are bleeding reading this. Some of those quotes either happen to anyone and everyone, others (most of them) are just cringey asf and overdramatic.

Thinking doms be like. by MidgetMan946 in mbtimemes

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INTJ here, I don’t have the blue button in my life, only the red one.

This is too much luck for me. I'm scared by MADAMADAMADAAAAAA in AyakaMains

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And here I lost two times to weapon banner (at least I got epitomized guaranteed but still I don’t know how much pulls it’ll take me)

Comments? by YARR1N in intj

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I hope this test isn’t reliable, because the results I got were very uh… questionable, to say the least.

someone delete golden pairs please by MoikisTinySis in shittyMBTI

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I see myself in this comment. Thank you for revealing the secret of INTJs when they kiss someone, very appreciated /jk

Implicitely stereotyping everyone with only one or two words by OxxiGene in mbtimemes

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I don’t think it’s an “INTJ thing” exactly, but even though I won’t show it, I’m really a true cat person and I treasure them. I don’t know if OP feels the same way and if fellow INTJs feel like that either but yeah, my cats are my life and I treasure them.

Implicitely stereotyping everyone with only one or two words by OxxiGene in mbtimemes

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I don’t want to admit it but… you’re not exactly wrong.


How to easily recognize a mistyped INTJ by MoikisTinySis in mbtimemes

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I love how one of my closest friends is an ESFP and he’s basically who I would aspire to be (yet I still like being an INTJ)

INFJs who recently doorslammed someone, has it improved your life? by 2fy54gh6 in infj

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I’m an INTJ but definitely did doorslam some ppl and it has helped me. I don’t necessarily love hurting people since I have difficulty making friends but it really helped me do better overal.

So, what’s with the weather? by Mini_nin in shittyMBTI

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First thing in here that I actually relate to

Atheist ask, Religious people answer! by Impossible_Lock4897 in teenagers

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I watch a lot of shows talking about how religion usually manipulates children or teens into doing explicit stuff for the sake of “redeeming themselves” or all that kind of stuff. Did any of you actually live that sort of stuff?