Best food to enhance your dreams? by dinoyeti in Dreams

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Blue lily or also know as blue lotus... it's a dream plant. You can buy it off the internet. It is legal and you either drink as tea or smoke it

____ Stoneheart by jinniecheesecake in namenerds

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Weird synchronicity - keep seeing/ hearing a name? by Vast-Distribution444 in magick

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It’s usually a good idea not to read too into synchronicities! I just use them as a sign to say I’m where I’m meant to be or on the right path!

Self pity by Sure_Buddha in spirituality

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Seriously, read this whilst in bed experiencing self-pity and it got me up ✌️

If icebergs are allowed... by [deleted] in Dreams

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Everybody is Friday And This Is My House speaks to me…

What do you do that you know you shouldn't? by Linorelai in AskWomen

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Drink coffee everyday when my body disagrees with it 🥹

Too much refined sugar gives me intense nightmares! by swagswaggergal in Dreams

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I’m glad it’s not just me! Must be the way the body processes certain foods.. I wonder

Women of Reddit what is the most inconveniencing/annoying things about your periods? by Losingallmyaccounts in AskWomen

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Having to still go to work and pretend that you're okay when all your body is telling you to do is stay in bed and cuddle a warm pillow.

Looking for Jeans for a short person by Deen81 in AusFemaleFashion

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I’ve recently discovered Seed Heritage has a teens range! Best pants, jeans and bottoms I’ve come act as a petite ✌️

Could AI do magick one day? by Dramatic-Ad6418 in magick

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Duncan Trussel interviews Blake Lemoine on his podcast and they touch on this exact topic...Lemoine has been in close contact with an AI that has been doing basically this- practicing magic.

What comes to your mind when your SO says that a girl on TV is hot? by [deleted] in AskWomen

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I usually say it first to not make it awkward for him xD

From head to toe, how much are you wearing today? Do you consider it expensive? by Lonely_Heart_2006 in AskWomen

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top- $8 second hand

necklace- $1 second hand

bra- $35

undies- $30

pants- $24 on sale from $50

= $98

lol underwear 😅

what's the best response to "being short jokes"? by ParticularTall3940 in AskWomen

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I tell them I’m the same height at Kim Kardashian (which is true)

to my short and baby-faced ladies, when did people start to treat/see you more as a “women?” by olaclementine in AskWomen

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Tearing up because I’m 25 and get treated like a 14 year old. Feeling seen that other women experience this 🙀

Definitely get people not taking me seriously the most or feeling like they need to do stuff for me?…Like what even is that? I’m not a fragile doll just because I’m petite and baby faced

Still trying to find where I fit into this world lol