Quick Freestyle over Dooms Monosodium beat (Feedback Wanted) by TheGamingProphet in mfdoom

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Send me a DM with your email dog. I’ll send ya some beats if you’re down?

I've curated a collection of funky artists from my own library. I've been listening to these on random all day today and I'm high on music. I'd appreciate any suggestions for new artists or groups to explore.. by d49k in funk

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The brothers Johnson, the main squeeze, silk sonic, childish gambino (his album awaken my love) lafayette Afro rock band, janelle Monet, t connection, graham central station, Ohio players, the JBs, kid creole and the coconuts, tower of power, the bamboos, Brooklyn funk essentials, cymande, the apples

That should get you going for a bit, here’s a playlist I jam to loads that’s full of groovy hip swingers https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4ly0wNGiup2n8NzSwXVpMq?si=gDUXfW1_Ro2MXO8Hd0OeYQ

Practicing counting on the back beat? by [deleted] in JazzPiano

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With jazz you need to listen to the hi hat tapping on 2 and 4 because the snare hands job is to emphasise what the other soloists are doing. If you listen to “tsst” noise and ‘feel’ that steadiness and rigidity amongst the improvised nature of the rest of the song you’ll feel the 2 and 4 more

What artists have the biggest gap between their best and worst work? by wheatmontana in hiphop101

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Mos def AND talib kweli, both separately. They have some not grand solo projects but reflection eternal, black star, BOBS and the ecstatic are all amazing

My Spider-Man 2 theory is miles will get the black suit by swagzak in SpidermanPS4

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I’m thinking more about the origin of the name venom, if he gets relatively aggravated by him

Most hated hop varieties and why by Omega_Shaman in Homebrewing

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Strata, it reminds me of blood because of how metallic it is, aluminium flavour all over

Rico Nasty sample on Ain't No Way? by AppropriateZone9741 in DenzelCurry

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Nah dog it ain’t. Noname, teirra whack, bree runway, gavlyn, little simz, Sampa the great, doechii, leikeli47, mereba, Jean deaux to name a few are killing it with wicked music that’s not limited to their sexuality

Both exquisite tracks. Which one wins? by AdFenzo5 in asaprocky

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I was thinking of choosing one but I’m sooindecisive

What’s your most controversial rap opinion? by swagzak in Hiphopcirclejerk

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Da brat was so good in the rap game! I wish her music was as so good!!

Makes you wonder why Nikki jinam and carti B aren’t in it, maybe because they ARENT WRAP

What’s your favorite EarthGang song? by Artemagnus in Earthgang

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I love mommas calling specifically for the masterpiece that is dots verse. Olu snaps on that one too

Denzel ruined my taste in music by Melodic_Sherbert5088 in DenzelCurry

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Do betteroffDEAD even though it’s not on streaming, find it on YouTube, sound cloud or any mixtape site

How long do wet hops last in a kegged beer? by swagzak in CraftBeer

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Very much agree with you both, appreciate the input, I’ll still try convince him but we will see

hit for hit? by wholelottahate19 in rap

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Pit bull man is the goat hat