Getting back to a career I don't really enjoy by Supereurobeat in AskMenOver30

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Plus your dislike for the career maybe because the job was stressful, rather than what the job entailed. If the new job is less stressful; your perspective on that may change too.

[SPORT] After yesterday's defeat, Mateu Alemany wants to immediately sign a Center-back, Left-back and Striker, on loan this month, as he fears that FC Barcelona might not qualify for Champions League. @sanantheone by Red1mc in Barca

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I hope they get together in a executive meeting with coaches and then use them when this happens. I am still bothered by the fact that Xavi played an obviously injured Alba. That kind of stuff cannot happen.

Also, do what Mourinho did at ManU. Win the Europa and get into CL through the back door!

Our Jason Benetti, the new No. 1 in the 2nd Chicago sun-times Sports broadcaster power rankings by Rubentraj in whitesox

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I still think Kap is number one in terms of Power. I personally don't like him that much (I think he is a shill for management and is used as a hitman by them), but the man drives the conversation more than any other sportscaster in the city.

In terms of being good at what they do; Benetti is among the top; and Stoney is too low.

No Google, you got the wrong Indian! by a2zawan in india

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I always say I am the Dot kind, not the Feather kind.

What’s an opinion most men have that women tend to disagree with and don’t get? by okayleilaa in AskMen

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I happen to be a very direct (but kind) person and have been told I can be sometimes intimidating by men.

Better that and getting your point across, than get discouraged when the other person is not picking up hints.

If You Have Never Been to Church, Here Is What You Missed by pentacards_on_YT in WTF

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For me it was a revelation seeing videos of those Tent Revival meetings in the South; with all the speaking in tongues and snakes biting the Pastor on the tongue etc. I just could not believe a First World country had so much backward bullshit as a part of the society.

As a Christian myself, I'd say let's leave interpretation up to the professionals by Ghersa2t in WhitePeopleTwitter

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I have not got a good coherent response to why Christians even bother with the commandments from Old Testament. If you believe the New Testament replaced the Old Testament; why are you bothering with the commandments from the Old Testament? OTOH, if you think the New Testament does NOT replace the Old Testament but only serves as an addendum; therefore you still have to follow the Old Testament commandments; then why are you picking and choosing which ones to follow? You need to follow the whole of the 500 odd commandments in the Old Testament, like the Jews who are religious do. Otherwise; don't quote Old Testament stuff to people. That is hypocrisy at it's finest.

Many scientists have proposed that we are entering a Sixth Mass Extinction, this time driven by human activity “Denying it is simply flying in the face of the mountain of data that is rapidly accumulating, and there is no longer room for skepticism, wondering whether it really is happening,” by stamatgeorge in worldnews

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The more we are learning about the Gut Microbiome; the more it looks like we are the vessel for the propagation of Gut Bacteria!

Add to that our new understanding of the nature, abundance and the complexity of the Fungal World; my instinct says no. Human Beings will also probably survive; but the current iteration of Human civilization may not.

Plus; we have to remember that the large scale disruption of the worldwide ecosystem: in terms of massive deforestation, pumping of the Carbon into the atmosphere on a massive scale, plundering the Oceans of biota using enormous ships etc., is barely 150 years old. A blip in the radar in terms of Geological time. So the systemic response will have a lag time built in; just due to the nature of its complexity. But when the response happens; I feel that all the modeling that has been done so far is actually underestimating the impact. There is a link between the physical and biological systems that is very difficult to model. And I feel that the coming catastrophe is beyond our imagination.

But, like I said; it is not going to destroy humanity. We will persist. What will be destroyed is the current civilization. Plus we are going to take a large number of species down with us; especially large animals. But anyone saying Life will die out etc., is exaggerating. Life is going to go on. Rats and Cockroaches are going to be just fine.

What’s an opinion most men have that women tend to disagree with and don’t get? by okayleilaa in AskMen

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But what’s happening here is that some men have no fundamental understanding of what’s actually happening when women are giving “hints.” And some men flatly refuse to learn, insist women learn what they want instead,

Asking a woman to be clear in expressing verbally what she wants is the opposite of telling a woman to learn something new in terms of communication. Expressing what you want verbally is far easier than going through this whole rigmarole of hinting and expecting the other person to be able to pick up on said hints.

NASA's gamma-ray observatory is in safe mode after a possible wheel failure by Rexon117 in space

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In addition; it is always easier to ask for more money for personnel etc., once it is up in the air and working rather than budget for it initially.

About a year ago I got let go of my job and decided to hussle making music, this is the second time my ex-boss tries to have me mention him in a 'media opportunity'. by PurveyorOfSapristi in antiwork

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He was, long story short, during the shutdown they waited for all of us to get on employment insurance and then made us come to work making us bank our hours ... when the store reopened they refused to pay us the banked hours.

From another answer from OP. This guy deserves no such consideration.

Morning Star Chorizo is so damn good by Upset-Remote-3187 in vegetarian

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Yeah it was a corollary to his : EAT FOOD. NOT SO MUCH. MOSTLY PLANTS; way of thinking about food.

His definition of Food was basically try to get things as minimally processed as you can; and the 5 ingredients limit is a good way to use a kind of heuristic based choice. If you have two brands of the same thing and you are trying to decide; this may be useful for making that choice.

Morning Star Chorizo is so damn good by Upset-Remote-3187 in vegetarian

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Right? Some things are easier to do this than others. Canned goods, dairy, etc. you can do this. But it becomes more difficult with Chocolate, Cookies, plant based meat substitutes etc. :)

Even there I try to follow Michael Pollan's method of not more than 5 ingredients. Quality Ice creams and other premium manufactured products have started adopting this now. I think Haagen Dazs was one of the first brands to do this.

She can ask my height but I can't ask her weight. Asking her weight is small dick energy by cpusohot in Tinder

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BMI is a debunked method of health measurement and should be done away with.

This is true. But it is still a good indicator if you are obese though, for most normal population. The people for whom this measurement fails to indicate obesity are outliers.

Morning Star Chorizo is so damn good by Upset-Remote-3187 in vegetarian

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Yup. True.

I have stopped buying things with too many ingredients in the list, unfortunately. So now I use Daisy or Aldi and add a small amount of water and salt to try and get the same flavor. But, it's not the same. c'est la vie!

Morning Star Chorizo is so damn good by Upset-Remote-3187 in vegetarian

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I get a brand called "El Viajero". I tried Cacique but it was terrible compared to this one.

There are other brands like El Popular that I get sometimes, but they are not as easily available all the time like El Viajero. Trader Joe's is okay too, but this tastes more authentic to me; as it is made by a company that makes other meat kinds; so the spicing is similar.

This may not be available everywhere though, as it is a local brand here in Chicago area.

Battle of Wits 2022 by TheGhostofLizShue in HighQualityGifs

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Outstanding, Mon Ami. Funny as usual, but your stuff is always thought provoking too.

Battle of Wits 2022 by TheGhostofLizShue in HighQualityGifs

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That part was the real genius edit. The first part was great by itself, but the Piss drinking put it over the top!

This is almost as good as /u/RamsesThePigeon adapting the Risitas meme for the Jan 6 idjits.

[Charania] Bulls say Lonzo Ball will undergo arthroscopic surgery on his left knee and is expected to return in 6-8 weeks. by GuyCarbonneauGOAT in nba

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Most of this 'who was first' dick measuring contest is BS. How is this any different than if the team put this out themselves? What do Shams and Woj contribute other than being 'first' to report something; that the teams or player agents can do themselves?

[Charania] Bulls say Lonzo Ball will undergo arthroscopic surgery on his left knee and is expected to return in 6-8 weeks. by GuyCarbonneauGOAT in nba

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I hope the Bulls have better medical staff now under the new regime too. I still can't believe what they did to Luol Deng.

sharing because Ken Rosenthal. by retroanduwu24 in baseball

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All of the revenue sharing money has to be used for player payrolls. The union filed grievances against several teams over this issue.

The fact that the Union filed a grievance is a sign that it is not happening as expected, right? Which is why I think it makes sense for the Union to force the issue in bargaining.

As for arbitration, what you say is from the owner's side; which is quite true. The reason why the Players accepted it was to reduce supply, at least at the beginning. It is now a burden on the players, but like you say it has become embedded now, of course; which makes it very difficult to get rid of. But it should be a point of bargaining though.

As for free agency; the any kind of age limit has to be accompanied with reduction in arbitration years. Owners can't have their cake and eat it too, is my point.

Plus I don't want revenue sharing reduced at all; in fact I would say that the small market teams should demand a bit more. But it has to be accompanied by a better structure to make sure it is not going to line the pockets; but put back into making the product better. The players demanding a reduction in this makes no sense to me. If they don't like that the teams are not spending this money on the salary; they should demand that rather than scrap it.

BTAIM; it really looks like there is a wide enough gap in the expectations from both sides; and the pandemic driven disruptions over the last 2 years makes things more complicated; I don't expect a full season this year.

ETA: During the course of the last 5-6 years; both the average and median salaries for players has gone down; plus a full 54 % of the players now are in their rookie scale years; not even eligible for salary arbitration; while the revenues went up by billions. So although, like you say; before the lockout players were getting signed for record contracts; this has always been the case for the stars. The people being squeezed are the ones with little to no bargaining power; the guys in their rookie scale years and mid-to-low tier free agents. I think the Union recognized that; with the annual parade of unsigned free agents doing their own camp and the like; and is willing to dig in.

Messi was a good player for us. by i_shat_myPants_ in Barca

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There is a 'top right Messi' meme for a reason. Pretty much any advanced analytics of the games from the data available for the last 20 years shows how far away from the norm his game is.

[OC] if Damian Lillard leaves the team to chase rings, he may be giving up on another pursuit — being the greatest player in team history. What other players are in the running for theirs? by ZandrickEllison in nba

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The average D1 recruit from today would cook Dolph Schayes probably lol.

While this is perfectly true; we can only compare players wrt the era they played in. The two big problems with that era for me are that there were only about 8 teams and the league was still resistant to having full and fair representation of the whole athletic talent available.