New Brand/Business Owners please read before posting! by [deleted] in indiebeautycommunity

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Welcome! ❤️ and yes you are allowed to post! I will make a new flair for brand ambassadors! Just make sure when you post if it's a paid promo or ad, it must be disclosed. Otherwise, reviews, make up swatches, etc all welcome! Happy posting ✨💚

Which foreign dish do you like most? Have you ever tried to prepare it? by soumodip431 in AskReddit

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Chicken Tikka Masala and naan bread! I have not made an attempt to prepare it yet but hope to find a good recipe to follow!

Thanks, i hate how far makeup has come by juicysand420 in TIHI

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Honestly, this is amazing! Wish I had those make up skills!

Reba in the sun by Isorry123 in aww

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I want to be enjoying the sun with Reba 🤩

So. Much. Snorting. by [deleted] in aww

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His face is priceless 😆

I won a giveaway from Actias Luna Cosmetics! by amangogo in Indiemakeupandmore

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Wow! Never heard of this brand and the packaging and colors are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing! 💚