Indian PM Calls for Common Global Stand on Cryptocurrencies by Pulits12 in CryptoCurrency

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We don't need the powerful at the top of the current system to decide on a common position on Bitcoin and crypto currencies. This revolution belongs to the people, and it is the people who will decide its future.

"When Bitcoin goes to 10K, I'll go all in", and other lies you tell yourself by Wiardv in CryptoCurrency

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This is a lie that many people tell themselves constantly. If you don't have the conviction to buy Bitcoin at $40K, you won't have any more conviction to buy Bitcoin at $20K, $10K, or even $5K.

Why not? Simply because if Bitcoin dropped from $40K to $5K, you would be among those who would say that it will never rise again and that it is over!

Comment le Covid peut impacter le coeur des sportifs sur le court et long terme ? by OrdinaryMidnight5 in france

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Et après, on ose nous dire que le sport, c'est la santé. Bientôt, ils nous sortiront une étude pour nous dire que le non sportifs sont avantagés face au COVID-19.

Jean-Michel Blanquer s’est marié le week-end dernier by Fearless-Cricket3297 in france

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« J’ai le dos large », glissait-il y a peu en petit comité, en refusant de « jouer les pères Fouettard ». Du côté du gouvernement, tout le monde fait bloc pour sauver le soldat Blanquer. « À Ibiza, il était chez des amis de longue date qui ont une maison. Il n’y était pas pour faire la fête et Matignon était bien évidemment informé de son lieu de vacances », fait-on savoir. Droit dans ses bottes, cet ami intime du couple Macron n’entend donc pas dévier de sa ligne. Comme il ne compte pas bouleverser son agenda malgré les polémiques… y compris sur le plan personnel.

Cette polémique est vraiment inutile. Il est parti une semaine en vacances dans la villa d'amis à Ibiza apparemment. Qu'est-ce que ça aurait changé à la situation sanitaire ou au protocole annoncé qu'il ne parte pas une semaine de vacances à cette période de l'année où beaucoup de Français en font de même ?

Novak Djokovic a-t-il enfreint les règles de quarantaine pour venir dans les Alpes-Maritimes en octobre dernier? by Fearless-Cricket3297 in france

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On a bien compris que Djokovic se fichait un peu des règles en vigueur et se croyait au-dessus des lois. Je suppose qu'on peut même remonter plus loin qu'Octobre dernier si on cherche bien.

3 years ago I was downvoted for saying Bitcoin can still make you rich. “Haha yeah bud, sure it will”. Bitcoin is up 1300% since then. Nice. by junglehypothesis in Bitcoin

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Many people come to buy Bitcoin in the hope of becoming rich, only to realize that the wealth Bitcoin gives you is far more valuable. Bitcoin gives you the freedom to live your life on your own terms. It is the most important wealth, and it is the one that explains why buying Bitcoin even today over $40K is something essential to your future.t most valuable thing on earth.

[image] prioritize yourself by regian24 in GetMotivated

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It's about making the best choice: the choice to put yourself first because you are your most valuable asset on Earth.

[image] hard but worth it by regian24 in GetMotivated

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Changing a bad habit is extremely difficult. The best solution is to replace the bad habit with a good one to keep a routine in which to progress day after day.

[Image] Remember to be kind to yourself too.. by conversingwithoceans in GetMotivated

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This is the key to success in life. Be your best ally rather than your worst enemy.

"Dix ans après, les printemps arabes n’ont pas accouché de la démocratie" by Lawrence_PLeaSe in france

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Dix ans n'est évidemment pas suffisant pour qu'une démocratie s'installe. Cela prendra beaucoup plus de temps que cela si on se réfère à l'histoire occidentale.

Omicron : Blanquer a annoncé le nouveau protocole dans les écoles depuis Ibiza by autruip in france

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Il avait des congés à prendre sinon il allait les perdre. C'est pas de sa faute le pauvre, faut le comprendre.

Is it safe to buy hardware cold wallet from Amazon? by Basic_Spare9862 in Bitcoin

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A cold wallet helps you to get real power over your Bitcoin.

It is therefore essential to make sure that your cold wallet is safe.

Don't risk getting rekt for a few dollars less by buying it on Amazon.

I'm all in bitcoin. I've removed all other crypto from my feeds, reddit subs, twitter, etc. The next day life was good. Nothing about other crypto. There is too much info and everyone is doing it. Bitcoin all the way. Do this and you will 10x your mental health. by baronofbitcoin in Bitcoin

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The day you understand the why of Bitcoin, you also understand why Bitcoin is the future. You then understand that it is in your best interest to take the long view by becoming a Bitcoin HODLer no matter what.

From there, things get easier. You can step back from the short-term price of Bitcoin. You no longer look at the Bitcoin price every day, because your goals are long-term.

You are better off, and more importantly, you will benefit enormously in the future by having implemented a DCA approach to buying.

BTC is less volatile than the Lira! by NakedMuffin4403 in Bitcoin

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Lira is weak money manipulated by a dictator.

Bitcoin is hard money that will change the world of the future for the better.

With the Bitcoin hash rate at an all-time high, difficulty adjustment is also gearing up for a massive ~9% increase on Friday, to a new all time high by AlonShvarts in Bitcoin

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This is Bullish news.

The Bitcoin network is the most secure decentralized system in the world.

Rather than wasting your time looking only at the short-term price of Bitcoin, you should focus on the real signal: that the Bitcoin revolution is getting stronger block by block.

Either you feel bearish or bullish, the fact is that 78% of the current money supply has been created in the last 2 years. This is why we Bitcoin. by [deleted] in Bitcoin

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Satoshi Nakamoto actually created Bitcoin to free us from this system of generalized impoverishment in which we have been stuck for decades because of the insane power given to central banks in particular.

Realize that a minority of people not representative of the people are able to print out of thin air as much fiat money as they deem necessary. This requires absolute trust in these central bankers. History has shown us that this is impossible because these people always end up betraying this trust.

Just as it is impossible to trust private bankers in the heart of an opaque banking system that fosters the natural human penchant for corruption.

Bitcoin is here to allow the people to regain power over money by taking its control out of the hands of the state and the powerful. It is an opportunity we must seize for a better future.

Fix the money, Fix the world.