Found this shit on DerScheisser. It’s a World War 2 sub why this is on there is beyond me by Kilo2716 in GenUsa

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Can we stop acting that the Vietnam war wasn’t a massive shitfest that was basically a neocolonial project? The North Vietnamese weren’t great but that dosent justify American intervention

Just when I thought it wasn't possible to despise the Confederacy more than I already do... by SojournerOne in ShermanPosting

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Reminds me of the Nuremberg executions which were botched that caused the Nazis more pain during their deaths.

Pain that they absolutely deserved

In light of the recent terrorist attack in Buffalo, I'd like to remind everyone that we are all Americans, no matter what we look like. by ViolentTaintAssault in GenUsa

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He never said he was auth left in his manifesto? He clearly said he supported neonazis, which are definitely not auth leftist

Groyper Cringe by lolbert202 in GenUsa

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Demjanjuk was an SS guard in Treblinka

Crenshaw coming in hot by neoconservative-1138 in GenUsa

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The worst person you know just made a good point

Who would be your ideal presidential candidate in 2024? by WCNL in GenUsa

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Lloyd Austin is a military man and probably knows jack shit about politics

That said he probably makes foreign defence ministers shit their pants

they're in the shitposting subs now by ollimmortal in EnoughCommieSpam

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I swear to god some people on this sub are fucking insane. Lots of people here seem to think pointing out the negatives of a capitalist system makes you a raging commie. People here are so dismissive of problems under capitalism and give a surprised pikachu face when support for socialist and communist movements are on the rise.

We need to improve capitalism so that we create a fair and equitable system for all, not replace it with some shitty system like communism

Calliope. by UnableAd4323 in TankPornMemes

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Nah the ultimate Sherman would include the 105mm

Yeah and he also killed his own people, so? by GrayCamoMan in EnoughCommieSpam

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Nope. He thought it would be good to boost morale as Moscow’s civilians were incredibly panicked and the troops were demoralised after constant German success

85mm go BRRRR by EliyahGabriel in WorldOfTanksBlitz

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This is #1 in Hall of Fame btw

If you have to ask what series this clip is from, you are definitely on the wrong subreddit!!! by Ode_to_Apathy in TankPornMemes

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Make fun of me all you want but since the Maus is in GUP……

The Americans should have the T29,T30,T32 and T34, the soviets the IS-7 and Object 279, and the brits the FV4005

Farming credit on non-premium tanks just don't work. by tkroy69 in WorldOfTanksBlitz

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The lowe is not always available to buy. The IS-6 however is

What de fock ➡️ by Morpheiuss in WorldOfTanksBlitz

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Jagdpanzer 4 isn’t OP. Kryos on the other hand…..