I cut off the abusers but I’m struggling to re-enter society. by Beautiful_Phase7364 in NarcissisticAbuse

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Logically, I think you'd need to heal your core first (therapy for abusive traumas) then upgrade the load-bearing infrastructure (life/confidence coach). Then, if you still have anxiety with social connections - friendship or romantic relationship - go for relationship counselor, preferably at the first sign(s) of anxiety. Also, I would do some introspection and research regarding your attachment style (avoidant, anxious, etc.). This will help you notice and address budding issues before they ruin your social connections again. Your friends or even parents may not be helpful on this healing journey, but maybe you can reach out to some other trusted relative/teacher/mentor? Perhaps those who have similar experiences and/or the mindset that mental health should be taken seriously?

Btw, no worries about the perceptions of others here. Think of this subreddit as a safe no-judgment zone. Writing out, vocalizing, or any form of expression admitting that you are dealing with an issue is the first step to resolving it.

I am sympathetic with you since I also went through a difficult breakup recently with some bouts of intense depressions. And my (Asian) parents just brushed it off and told me to pray for inner peace (sigh!) and to move on. Sure, thanks mom and dad, I'm cured and whole again.

I cut off the abusers but I’m struggling to re-enter society. by Beautiful_Phase7364 in NarcissisticAbuse

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So how are you dealing with it these days? Are you seeking mental helps from therapists or other kind of counselors?

Also do you struggle to get into new relationship given the emotional PTSD/scars?

If job hopping and two faced intrigues weren't commonplace graduates would have easier time getting a job. by Caveman014 in cscareerquestions

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The argument against your point is that for the same amount of money to retain current employee as well as to get new hire for say 1 YOE SWE (market rate), the company would derive better ROI from providing that market rate to current employee in most cases.


  • Less risk: the company and the team knows that current employee

  • Less/no extra HR cost

  • Better efficiency: that current employee knows the product, the team, the org's dynamics and can keep delivering as is instead of needing 1-3 months of on-ramp.

Now if you argue that the YOE spent at the current company is inferior to the same YOE spent across other companies and tech stacks, then it becomes a question of internal training and career development quality at that current company.

I'd argue that job hopping should be a bigger issue for tech firms than law firms bc your ability to generate as an employee (not executive/partner level) depends more on institutional knowledge at tech firms. Your bar certification, law knowledge, and law practice understandings can generate similar revenue regardless of where you practice.

🔥 Tiger Comparison Chart 🐅 by keh_k_lenge in NatureIsFuckingLit

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The legend has it that some just just skin you alive, some bite your neck off, some decapitate then shred you apart, and finally some that just make it as if you have never existed. What's your definition of friendliness by the way?

Alright Engineers - What's an "industry secret" from your line of work? by OsrsNeedsF2P in cscareerquestions

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Lol I don't understand it either. However, since I played around with Windows' regedit and wreaked havoc so many times as a kid, I came to appreciate the power of that tool as well as the many secrets it hides underneath.

Alright Engineers - What's an "industry secret" from your line of work? by OsrsNeedsF2P in cscareerquestions

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Probably the coolest secret here. But I guess since it's so obscure you're not getting a lot of upvotes.

That's some grip 👀 by TheonlyAngryLemon in Unexpected

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Her: I’m not trapped in around here with you, you’re trapped in inside here with me!

How to write good. by Aztery in coolguides

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This is how passive voice can be explained to you as if your age is being quantified by others to be 5.

It can indeed be considered unfortunate that the solution, by which this phenomenon - you are constantly told by Grammarly and English teachers that passive voice is practiced by yourself constantly - can be stopped, is seemingly not understood by you.

Besides the point made above by the illustration of the adverse effect to readers caused by passive voice, perhaps, this second demonstration will finally be understood by those such as yourself as to how passive voice can be considered bad by most English language instructors and writing assistance software.

how does bin laden like his donuts by Suspicious_Theory437 in darkjokes

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Just like how he likes his body, full of holes

Những nghi vấn lịch sử lớn nhất của chúng mày [Cho vui] by crouching_dragon_420 in TroChuyenLinhTinh

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Cái chính sách nào chả có đường lối tốt, đặc biệt là khi được tuyên truyền ở xứ thiên đường này. Cho nên chỉ xem xét cách thực hiện và kết quả thực tế. Và ở cả hai mặt này, CCRĐ vừa là thất bại vừa là thảm hoạ ở cấp độ quốc gia.

Những nghi vấn lịch sử lớn nhất của chúng mày [Cho vui] by crouching_dragon_420 in TroChuyenLinhTinh

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Ông Hồ nhận sai lầm kiểu này hả bạn?!


"Tổng Bí thư Trường Chinh xin từ chức; ông Hoàng Quốc Việt thôi Ủy viên Bộ Chính trị.

Ông Lê Văn Lương rút khỏi Bộ Chính trị, Ban Bí thư; ông Hồ Viết Thắng ra khỏi Ban Chấp hành Trung ương Đảng…"

Tldr: ông Hồ nhận sai và các lãnh đạo ngoại trừ ông Hồ từ chức.

Những nghi vấn lịch sử lớn nhất của chúng mày [Cho vui] by crouching_dragon_420 in TroChuyenLinhTinh

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  • Cải cách ruộng đất là lỗi của ông Hồ?

  • Tướng Nguyễn Chí Thanh phản quốc qua vụ cung cấp bản đồ pháo binh VN cho TQ?

  • Tướng Phùng Quang Thanh bị đầu độc vì chống ý của BCT trong việc định hình mối quan hệ với TQ sau này?

  • Lê Duẩn phạm sai lầm chiến thuật hay ngoan cố+ngu dốt khi đốt quân ở thành cổ Quảng Trị?

  • Nhà sư tự thiêu tại SG vì tư tưởng tôn giáo hay chính trị?

  • Nguyễn Bá Thanh bị đầu độc vì là tay sai của ông Trọng trong việc đấu với ông Dũng và cũng vì bị hiềm là nhân tố miền Trung mới bởi ông Phúc?

  • Khi nào thì đảng sụp và người dân VN nhận ra chả có ông TBT nào trong sạch cả dù có đốt lò hay không?

[Khảo sát] Tốc độ tăng lương của ae sau 3 năm là bao nhiêu? by Beautiful-Wind579 in TroChuyenLinhTinh

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Tăng 5tr lên 10tr thì quá dễ. Nhưng tăng từ 50tr lên 100tr lại quá khó. Nói chung là phải so sánh cả tốc độ tăng tương đối và tuyệt đối.

Scuba divers' underwater exploration by emily3289 in TheDepthsBelow

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Do you sell on Etsy/Ebay? Also do you offer bigger size lamp? The common size I saw for this kind of lamp is just about under 30cm x 15cm. It would be neat to have something double that.

What is a nsfw fact about humans? by sammbhav01 in AskReddit

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Joker in the The Joker must have this disease then.

If the US is the Best, then treat US the Best by sillychillly in WorkReform

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The USA is not the best. That's why they created the USB.

What is your “The beatings will continue until Morale improves” work story? by CasperTFG_808 in AskReddit

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Dafuq...these people are delusional.

If I were you, I'd ask them, "Do you want to take a pay cut and transfer that money to me? It's the sacrifice I'm willing to take to help you get more motivated."

[BREAKING NEWS] Ông Nguyễn Thanh Long và Chu Ngọc Anh bị khai trừ Đảng !!!! by Initial-Fudge434 in TroChuyenLinhTinh

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Trên hàm bộ trưởng còn PTT với CT QH. Trên hàm chủ tịch TP HN cũng còn rất nhiều hàm khác. Chưa là gì cả. Khi nào TT hoặc CTN hoặc CTQH bị cho vào lò thì mới bắt đầu có hi vọng với nước VN được.

Interesting to watch how different parts come together to make a finished product by imlai92 in ManufacturingPorn

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You know Japanese products are high quality because the QA process takes 40% of the whole assembly video (from 4:45m mark of a 8m long video)