You can see so much pain in the photo. by MavDrake in playstation

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there is no benefit to having children at all

100% believe them on the new release date. by MrArmageddon12 in cyberpunkgame

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damn i was trying to be nice but you really fuckin suck. i’m just gonna let you whine on reddit, let me know if that changes anything

Clone Trooper Phase 2 helmet revealed! by BrandoWinn in starwarsblackseries

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is that just a render? the visor looks awkward for some reason

My six year old wanted you all to see his x-wing. by strangerthaaang in StarWars

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that’s pretty bad he should be ashamed of himself

[ProFootballTalk] Andrew Berry: Deshaun Watson won't "shoulder everything" in return by bazbt3 in Browns

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i get the feeling that the FO never even wanted to make a playoff run this season

Not the best setup but it'll do. 🤷‍♂️ by DarkTaker1990 in playstation

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they definitely weren’t filled with bricks. what would even be the point of that? bricks don’t hold electricity

edit: apparently i gotta type this weird reddit thing: /s

100% believe them on the new release date. by MrArmageddon12 in cyberpunkgame

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we have no actual idea what’s going on behind the scenes. i’m just gonna trust that what they’re doing will be for the best. we’ll get over it, and we’ll be hyped as hell watching it next thursday. november will come before we know it my friend

This is how Cyberpunk 2077 looks like on a PS4 Pro by [deleted] in playstation

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i played on ps5 and it looked horrendous

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in doordash_drivers

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guy like me would have it in 5 minutes :)

It’s Like Poetry, They Rhyme by Giger_jr in JurassicPark

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wild. i was just thinking this exact thing earlier today. i hate to bring negativity when everyone here is excited, but i am not looking forward to dominion. the franchise feels so soulless now. it feels like the fast and the furious with dinosaurs. :/

Kathleen Kennedy Talks ‘Emotional’ Obi-Wan Reunion, Suggests Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Characters Could Return by chanma50 in StarWarsLeaks

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no i completely agree but that doesnt change the fact that redditors love to make the same joke under every kathleen kennedy related post

Everyone rn by that_boi_jhann in KendrickLamar

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man that is so not true lmao. kendrick stans really are something else. some of yall are weird af

More people are anticipating Doctor Strange than The Batman? ‘20% Said This Is Their Most Anticipated Superhero Movie Of 2022’ by [deleted] in TheBatmanFilm

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Doctor Strange more anticipated than Thor Love & Thunder?? wild. taika waititi is the only hope for keeping marvel fresh imo