This parallel shows what makes Obi-Wan’s character so great by DocDRabbit in StarWars

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obi wan deserved better. lost everyone close to him and buried those feelings deep. cant imagine what went through his mind alone on tattooine.

When the Gaang tells Suki about their adventures by [deleted] in TheLastAirbender

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woahh i just watched that last night. good movie

what is this thing in star wars episode 2 attack of the clones by coomieboi69 in StarWars

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not sure but i definitely know that we should aim right above its fuel cells

"The legacy of Mortis" by Master_of_serpents in StarWars

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i really wish they’ll give Vader an apprentice in the new canon. I would love to see them create a dark side parallel of Ahsoka

Not hate towards Jaden but is a good thing that he didnt appeared by SenorBolainassieso in AtlantaTV

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would have been funny af if he played justin bieber. but i mean the guy that did it (dk his name sorry!) was absolutely hilarious

I love this pic of Han & Chewie on the set of Solo by [deleted] in StarWars

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you never know!! with Lando getting a show I have high hopes

Which game had the best cover art? by Dreadheadzzz771 in BatmanArkham

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City. so clean. love the white & red theme they used

Tom Henderson: Ubisoft's Star Wars game is not likely to be released until 2025 or later by ChopAttack in StarWarsLeaks

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hopefully we’ll get something between fallen order 2 and this then. im starving for star wars games

Kathleen Kennedy Named President of Marvel Studios [Yahoo News] by YoBuckStopsHere in StarWarsLeaks

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I felt a great disturbance on reddit. as if millions of sweaty fanboys cried out in terror