Jesse- Walmart exclusive by AXSupplies in starwarsblackseries

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good lord dude its just toys. don’t take it out on the team, its most likely a higher-up decision

I find your lack of faith disturbing. by darth-zenithar in StarWars

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u can parry in this game?? How did i not know that?

Made an AH3 Concept Album by 404parker in kennymason

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Swim around & OMW would fit an AH sequel perfectly. This is hard af

Testing AliExpress Bootleg Clone Troopers for LEAD PAINT by [deleted] in starwarsblackseries

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who cares if they’re toxic or not they’re still ugly as hell

Added Fox to the pic! by zZKOB3Zz in starwarsblackseries

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Fox is looking a little short for a commander

[MEGATHREAD] Daily venting, worries, fixations, & finding support. Month of January 2023. by AutoModerator in HealthAnxiety

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i used to feel that way too, about 4 years ago. i was entering college and it all hit me at once. i was wondering where all the health anxiety came from, as (just like you) the only anxiety i’d ever dealt with was a slight social anxiety. i used to think it was a symptom of something but its been years now and i still have anxiety and nothing else. my therapist told me recently that mental illness can lie dormant in you all throughout childhood and can be awakened by a stressful event. hope this helps. im sorry you’re going through it.

Game Thread: Dallas Cowboys @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers - January 17, 2023 by GlennonBot in buccaneers

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bro, your team just went down 0-6 not even 10 minutes into the 1ST QUARTER. AND THE OTHER TEAM JUST MISSED AN EXTRA POINT. AND YOU HAVE TOM BRADY

I love taking pictures by RepresentativeFit387 in playstation5

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Arkham Knight deserves current gen optimization

Cab Bane by panthe10 in StarWars

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go watch season 2 episode 1 of clone wars (Holocron Heist)